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I have no excuse that isn’t whiny and totally insufficient.

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness month and I haven’t mentioned a word about it. Both Ambulance Driver and JayG have started their Kilted To Kick Cancer donation drives. I’d be more remiss if I didn’t mention Happy Medic and his efforts. All of them have donation pages and there are prizes involved so go and donate to someone. And my good friend and fellow blogger Jeff B, too.

Visit their blogs, look over the prizes, and donate to which ever one(s) tickle your fancy. If you’re not interested in the prizes, then just donate, but donate you must.

A couple of Prostate Cancer fun facts.

After lung cancer, Prostate cancer kills more men than any other form of cancer.

Prostate cancer kills more men than Breast cancer kills women. It’s not a contest, but the entire reason I started blogging about Prostate cancer is that until a few years ago, it got just about zero attention. This is not an us versus them thing, it’s bringing a virulent killer of men out of the shadows and into the light of day. It’s also an attempt to get some money directed at Prostate cancer research. “Save the Prostates” isn’t as cute as “Save the Boobies”, but if you’re dead you can’t appreciate those saved boobies.

That’s the preaching for this post.

Stop reading and Go. Donate.

And if you haven’t make an appointment and have your Prostate probed. It’s about five seconds of discomfort that can save your life.

This post will stay at the top of the blog until October first.

Update: Apparently I’m the only blogger on Planet Earth that doesn’t have a Kilted To Kick Cancer donation page. That’s fine, given the “boutique” size of my discerning readership. My apologies to Evyl Robot and OldNFO for not mentioning them. The point is Go. Donate.

Really. Go. Donate.

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    KTKC is a great effort for a great cause.

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