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The Vending Machine Is Fixed!


I’m hearing stories about how well the healthcare.gov website is working this morning. I don’t know or much care if the web site is working. Actually, I don’t much care if the computer systems behind the website, the ones that allow people to buy insurance are working a 100% capacity and efficiency. Neither the web site nor the intricate and inter connected computer systems are the problem with Obamacare. Obamacare is the problem with Obamacare. It’s forcing the vast majority of people who are losing insurance plans that meet their needs to select new insurance plans that are more expensive and in many cases provide them coverage for things they neither want nor need. Which is part of the plan, because if I have to buy insurance coverage that I will never, ever, need, then I am subsidizing that coverage for other people. Which means that I’m being forced to pay for other people’s coverage.

Remember that the original plan that we were sold was that we were going to provide catastrophic coverage for the people who had no coverage and faced incredible financial hardship if they didn’t have health insurance. I get that, and if the politicians had stuck to that, I’d have been fine with it. Only they didn’t. They threw in every wish list entitlement that they could think of and then lied about people who didn’t want or need that type of coverage not being forced to buy it and pay for it.

Now, the Main Stream Media is trying convince us that if the web site if fixed, everything will be right as rain.

It won’t. What we’ll have is a shit sandwich that we have no choice but to eat. It doesn’t matter how efficient the shit sandwich vending machine is, it still produces shit sandwiches about which we have no choice to refuse to eat.

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