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‘Breaking Bad’ fan arrested in million dollar drug bust

On Thursday, deputies revealed exactly what was found in the New Year’s Eve raid of a San Carlos Park home.

In a bizarre twist, one of the men involved in the drug bust appeared on our station just a few months before – for a very different reason.

Deputies found over $1 million in street value of synthetic marijuana at 28-year-old Ryan Lee Carroll’s home and two other homes on New Year’s Eve.

Carroll, who is being seen as the ring leader of the operation, was interviewed in September after he won a nationwide contest to meet the cast of the hit television show ‘Breaking Bad.’

This is not a genius at work.

He spoke to us back in September about why he loved the show so much.

“It’s just so addicting. It’s such a good show. I think its addicting because people can relate to the main character,” said Carroll.

I guess he can relate to the main character more than most people.

More moronic stuff you just can’t make up. When friends tell me I should write a book about my career, I tell them that if I did, I’d have to label it fiction. No one would believe that this stuff happens in real life.

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