Ray Price


This is not exactly breaking news, but in the run up to the holidays I didn’t get around to posting anything about his death. Ray Price was a fixture in Country music for more than 60 years. He pre dated the Nashville sound, then came to symbolize it, and then rejected it. In his own way, he was as much an Outlaw as his good friend Willie Nelson.

This is a pretty good story about him with a couple of embedded videos.

Ray Price Dies – Sends Farewell Message To Fans

Ray Price continued to record and tour even through his first cancer treatments, playing his final show in May of 2013. Surprisingly, the 87 year-old entertainer still had an amazing pure voice in the senior years of his life, with a full deep sound that was reminiscent of his prime hits from the 70s.  Ray Price was one of the few legends who still had his ‘pipes’ in the latter part of his career, and the fans who got to see him over the last decade were extremely lucky to enjoy this entertainer who dated back to the days of Hank Williams, Sr.

While he’s gone, he left us a lot of great music to enjoy.

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