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The Teacher Evaluations Aren’t Going To Be Good


I think most teachers get apprehensive about student evaluations. I know I do and Mrs. TOTWTYTR has been driving herself to distraction lately because her school has system wide evaluations coming up in the near future. Students can be very critical and administrators often give them more credence than they should.

Which brings me to this story.

Iraq: 21 Die as Militants Accidently Blow Themselves Up

An instructor teaching his militant recruits how to make car bombs accidentally set off explosives in his demonstration Monday, killing 21 of them in a huge blast that alerted authorities to the existence of the rural training camp in an orchard north of Baghdad. Nearly two dozen people were arrested, including wounded insurgents trying to hobble away from the scene.

The fatal goof by the al-Qaida breakaway group that dominates the Sunni insurgency in Iraq happened on the same day that the speaker of the Iraqi parliament, a prominent Sunni whom the militants consider a traitor, escaped unhurt from a roadside bomb attack on his motorcade in the northern city of Mosul.

The article refers to this incident as a “goof” and a “glitch”. Personally, I think of it as serendipitous, but that’s just me. An instructor and 21 would be terrorists killed and a couple more wounded or in jail.

Of course the instructors bosses are probably less pleased and if he were still around, they’d likely give him an unsatisfactory evaluation… before they killed him.

He probably won’t get his virgins, either for that matter.

I expect that his replacement will be a bit more careful, but we can always hope not.

Yeah, I know I’m totally insensitive to the plight of the “insurgents”. Which is what the media insists on calling them. They’re terrorists, I just wish the media would come out and say it.


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