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Alleged phone thief calls 911 because victim won’t leave her alone

When he accused them of taking his device, he reported that the couple began punching and kicking him and then ran off the bus. He followed them, and the boyfriend ran away while the woman paused to call 911. Komo News reported that police arrived on the scene, and the woman continued to insist that she had not taken the phone until officers noticed a phone-shaped bulge in her pocket.

First  thought. The boyfriend is some stand up kind of guy. I do have to admit that at least he was smart enough to know that calling 9-1-1 when you’ve just stolen a phone is not very bright.

Second thought. If you’re going to steal a phone, don’t call the police because the rightful owner is chasing. Also, don’t make it worse by committing an assault and battery on the victim.

Third thought. Wear clothes that aren’t so tight that they outline what’s in your pockets.

Final thought. If you are going to do any or all of the above, it’s better not to have Crack Cocaine on you. BTW, isn’t Crack like totally 1990s?

As the saying goes, that’s why they call it dope. Or is that doap?

Another story and video report at this link.

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