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JayG points out that this is the seventh year in a row Mr. and Mrs. Doubletrouble have taken leave of their senses graciously opened their home and yard to the group. We gathered at a secure, undisclosed location to indulge in our annual shoot and talk fest.

The group varies a bit from year to year, but there are some regulars. Mr and Mrs MoPar (nice video), Libertyman, Wally, Bubblehead Les, Marko, NancyR, Aaron, Sci Fi and Mrs. Sci Fi. Unfortunately, Christina LMT had to work (work!), but one of her daughters came along. Also absent was OldNFO, who no doubt is flying somewhere exciting and exotic.

No doubt, I missed some people, actually a lot of people, who were there. My apologies, this is why I always vacillate over listing and linking.

JayG points out the most important part of this annual meeting. The people.

These are my people. These are my chosen friends. These are my brothers and sisters of the gun. They are young, they are old. They are black, white, and many other colors in between. They are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, atheist, and agnostic. They are male, female, and combinations of the two. They are gay, straight, and bisexual. They are physically challenged, able-bodied, and varying stages in between.

Also, they are among the smartest people I’ve ever met. The collection of knowledge, arcane, trivial, important, is nothing short of amazing. The humor ranges from hilarious to groaners. Many of the latter were provided by me, but that’s how it goes. The conversations ranged from politics (of course), to firearms (of course), to education, to food, to just about anything you can imagine.

Since I was back from vacation for just over 24 hours I packed light this year. I’ll do better next year, I hope. I have an AR-15 that is half built, plus a couple of MilSurps that haven’t been fired in a while. I took advantage of this year’s shoot to test out another AR with a York Arms lower that I built last year. It shot fine, thanks for asking.

I also brought my just back from the gunsmith Bersa Thunder 380CC to see if it was repaired. Both the gunsmith that did the repair and the FFL that shipped and received it for me tested it, but I wanted to test it myself before I put it in the carry rotation. It passed and will be a handy pocket carry. Mrs Doubletrouble also wanted to test drive the Bersa and she was suitably impressed.

I also brought my favorite SMLE to shoot along with plenty of ammunition. The No. 1 Mk III is always a hit with people because it’s a big rifle that fires a good sized round without a lot of recoil. It’s also fun to watch the round make the reactive targets we use jump into the air. A number of people fired it and all enjoyed the experience.

Speaking of enjoying the experience, I got to fire a real live (but semi auto) BREN gun. One of my favorite (if that’s the word) light machine guns firing one has long been on my list of things to do. The only thing that would be better would be owning one, but absent coming into a lot of money this is the best I expect to do.

Speaking of WWII machine guns, I didn’t get to fire it, but someone brought along a German MG34 that has been carefully restored. That one is most definitely NOT semi auto only and watching it shooting a smallish number of rounds made me appreciate even more what Allied soldiers were up against when they fought the Germans.

There were firearms galore, including shotguns, handguns, and rifles. Lots of rifles in just about any configuration you could imagine.

Lots of sharing as well as “Would you like to try it?” was the refrain of the afternoon.

A couple of dozen people (more or less), with over 100 different firearms (by my conservative estimate), firing several thousand rounds. Everyone following the four basic rule of firearms handling and no one got hurt. No one even went crazy under the evil influence of dastardly guns, even those Evil Black Rifles we hear so much about. Nope, not one shot was placed where it didn’t belong.

Even the threat of rain didn’t come to pass as it was cloudy in the AM, but the sun came out after lunch.

It just doesn’t get any better than that.

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    • I’m so glad that so many friends could make the trip. Hopefully next year more will be able to join us.


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