Ferguson and “Justice”


Justice is a process, not a result. Usually when people say they want “Justice” they actually mean either revenge or mercy, depending on which side of the coin they are inhabiting.

The late Mr. Brown got his justice. That entailed an impartial look at the facts by people who were not influenced by the so called protesters, the media, or the in it for themselves politicians or public figures.

Officer Wilson got justice for the same reason.

People unclear on the concept are unhappy because the District Attorney (a Democrat and Obama supporter) didn’t put his figurative thumb on the scales of justice to get the result that they desired.

The riots are an excuse for lawlessness disguised as protests against injustice. Even the step father of Mr. Brown added to the mayhem by exhorting the mob to burn down buildings and cause damage to the property of people in no way involved in the matter.

Sadly, most of the people whose businesses were burned down or vandalized are members of the community and now many of them will not be able or maybe not willing to rebuild or reopen their businesses.

There is no justice in any of that.

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