Lock. Your. Ambulance.



From Fox News. The vice president of the ambulance company was “flabbergasted” that someone would steal an ambulance. He also went on to make some silly comments about how the ambulances have to be left running because the electrical drain of operating on the call might prevent the ambulance from restarting.

If that’s the case, then they should talk to their ambulance vendor about improving the electrical system on the ambulances. Really. That sort of crap was common 25 years ago, but there is no excuse for it now.

Even if the ambulance has to be left running, maybe they should invest in kill switches so that they can’t be operated without the key in the ignition. Then the operator could take the keys and lock the switch. The service I worked for started doing that in the 1990s. The early 1990s.

I don’t buy the fairy tale about how it takes to long to lock the ambulance either. Certainly they can lock the cab, if not the back of the ambulance.

If the company can afford dash cams, they can certainly afford extra keys and a kill switch.

You’d think that this is uncommon, but go to You Tube and search “Ambulance Joy Ride”. You’ll be amazed how many videos there are.

Then there is this.

Crew Assaulted and Ambulance Stolen Ends with Fatal Crash

An ambulance crew was assaulted, their unit stolen and minutes later involved in a multi-vehicle crash involving a fatality. At about 5:30 pm, Sunday, December 14, Ambulance 811B was returning to their station after completing a patient transport.

As they were traveling southbound on the Capitol Beltway (Route 495) they witnessed a passenger car leave the roadway near the interchange of I-95. The ambulance pulled to the shoulder with the crew of two firefighter/EMT’s exiting to check on the welfare of the occupant.

A series of events occurred quickly with both crew-members being assaulted by the driver of the very car they stopped to help. The suspect proceeded to drive away in their ambulance. The volunteer firefighter/EMTs were visibly shaken but not injured.


I’m not trying to be judgmental (okay, maybe I am), but a kill switch properly used would have prevented this.

It’s much less expensive in the long run to pay up front for keys and kill switches than to lose an ambulance and maybe have people killed.

This is definitely NOT the kind of publicity EMS wants or need.

Lock. Your. Ambulance.

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