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Man suffers fatal heart attack while robbing Edgewood Aldi, police say

An Edgewood man died Monday night from an apparent heart attack while trying to rob the Aldi grocery store in Edgewood, police said.

Investigators also said the same man is also connected to two other recent robberies in Edgewood

Around 8:50 p.m. Monday, a man later identified as Wayne Clark, 52, of Meadowood Court, walked into the Aldi in the 1300 block of Business Center Way, according to Cristie Kahler, spokesperson for the Harford County Sheriff’s Office.

They say the wheels of justice grind slowly, but not in this case.

Once Clark collapsed, she [Kahler] said, someone called 911 to say “we’ve been robbed and something’s wrong.”

“When we get there, he is already on the floor and unresponsive,”¬†Kahler said.

The deputies cleared the store and then started CPR. To no avail as it turned out.

The  late Mr. Clark appears to have been connected to some other robberies in the area, so the crime right in Edgewood might show a significant drop.


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