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If you like “The First 48”


I do, because it’s a pretty realistic “reality show”, which is pretty rare these days. Not perfect, but pretty good.

Anyway, A&E is premiering a new show called “Nightwatch” on January 22.

The show follows police, EMS, and fire department personnel who work the night shift. The show is produced by Dick Wolf, of the hokey “Law and Order” series of shows.

Despite that, I’m interested to see what this new show is all about.

I worked the night shift for more years than I care to recount. It was, well, different than the other shifts. It was also interesting, in an odd kind of way. Weird things happen after midnight. Not necessarily good, but interesting and weird. People who work the night shift definitely have an attitude. Part of that is we spend a lot of time awake when other people are sleeping. We also spend a lot of time sleeping when “normal” people are awake and at work. As a friend of mine once observed, “You live like a bat.”

Or maybe a Vampire.

January 22, at 10:00PM. It would have been more appropriate if it started at Midnight, but I expect you can watch reruns at that time. Personally, I think I might DVR it and set my alarm to wake me up at 3:00AM. Just to get in the mood, you understand.

As a bonus, here is a guy who really knew how to live the nightlife and sing about it as well.

With some help from the guy who wrote it. As well as some beautiful steel guitar work.


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