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Maybe it IS Rocket Surgery After ALL


I frequently tell students that EMS, even at the ALS level, isn’t Rocket Surgery. After all, if I can do it, so can they. Which is why I’m always surprised when people cheat on EMS exams.

Sadly, I’m surprised a lot.

North Port Fire employees suspected of cheating on EMS test

NORTH PORT, Fla. — Two North Port Fire Department employees have resigned and another is investigated –all thanks to possible cheating on a EMS Protocol test.

It’s a short article, so I won’t quote a lot of it. This is just stupid. I’ve taken protocol tests. Every medic I’ve known has taken some sort of protocol test. They¬† just aren’t that hard. Apparently someone¬† thought that a “study guide” was needed. Now, a study guide isn’t a bad thing, as long as it’s a study guide. If it’s a cheat sheet with the answers or even the questions on it, that’s another matter.

A district chief and one medic have resigned and a lieutenant is still under investigation.

And of course, every medic, even the ones that didn’t cheat, will have to take the entire test all over again. Punish the innocent, as they say. Then again, I wonder if some of the medics who passed the last time will have more trouble passing this time.

And this is just weird,

Five Public Works employees with the city were fired last year for their involvement with a cheating scandal related to FEMA test taking.

I’ve taken FEMA tests in the past. The courses and tests are designed so that it’s almost impossible to fail. Really. Much of the FEMA education I’ve been subjected to is really just for show, it teaches nothing of value. It’s so simple anyone can pass it. Except these five morons apparently.

File under WTF is wrong with Florida!

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