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Welcome to the real “Code 3 Club”


Paramedic fired for using ambulance in porn shoot

A paramedic who used his ambulance for an unauthorized pornography shoot in Belgium resigned from his job after his bosses discovered what happened. The man took the ambulance home when his shift ended and converted it into a porn set, newspaper Belang van Limburg reports.

Anyone who has been in EMS for more than a week or so has heard stories about the “Code 3 Club”. Maybe real, maybe mythical, these stories revolve around partner hanky panky, usually between calls on a long, boring shift. A new twist on workplace romance, where the workplace is the venue for the romance.

This takes that one step further because it’s not only real, but there is video to prove it.

The discovery was made when the paramedic unwittingly uploaded the photos to the company computer server. When his boss saw the photos, the paramedic and freelance porn photographer was given a choice between quitting his job or getting fired.


The porn happened in Nieuwerkerken, Belgium, just west of Maastricht, Limburg. After the photo shoot, the paramedic took the ambulance back to the Sint-Truiden company’s lot.

I hope he put fresh sheets on the stretcher first.

The ambulance belongs to a private firm, and is not owned by the municipality. It is not used to transport patients.

I think that they might mean not used to transport emergency patients. Otherwise, it’s not an ambulance, it’s a truck with a bed in it. Which might be a new business model for those locales where prostitution is legal. Which might create a market for worn out ambulances, which now mostly end up being used by plumbers, painters, and other trades.

This one goes in the “Sumdoap Chronicles” section of the blog.

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