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On Vacation


In case my legion of readers is wondering where I’ve been. I’m on vacation visiting family Deep in the Heart of Dixie.

We’re only down here for a few days around Mrs. EMS Artifact’s work schedule, so we’re cramming visiting and spoiling of grand kids into the time we have.

The more I come down to The South, the more I wonder why I go back. That’s a rhetorical question, I have reasons I have to go back, at least for a few more years.

It doesn’t take either of us long to get used to the relaxed life style, friendly people, nicer weather (now, in July and August it will be hot and humid), other things southern.

Normal blogging will continue next week. At which time I’ll post about stuff I actually bought at the NRA show this year and stuff I’d like to buy.

In the meantime, here’s a musical interlude to set the tone.



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    • The question is becoming where and when, not if. Texas is high on the list for several reasons, but we both like Tennessee as well.

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