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Grail Gun Sneaks Up On Me


This gun wasn’t even on my list, actually. I already have the earlier “non rail” version of it, which I carry frequently. Yesterday I was perusing (ok cyber stalking), the used listing of a very busy local gun store. I’ve done business with them in the past and they move a lot of guns through the shop, so it’s a good place to window shop on line.

What should appear on the list? A later production Smith & Wesson “9 Tactical” 3913TSW. These don’t appear all that often for sale and when they do, they are usually in collector condition and fetch high prices. This one was in “lightly used” condition and I called the shop to ask a few questions. No box, no paperwork, just the firearm and two magazines, at a decent price. In fact, I’ve paid about what they were asking for the new TSW version.

I asked them to put it aside so “I can come up and take a look at it.” Which they are more than happy to do since it probably tells them that the hook is sunk deep and they have a live one on the hook. Of course the other side of that is driving over to the shop only to find that someone else grabbed it first.

Either way, I looked it over and agreed to the asking price. Other than needing a good cleaning and a little scuff on the bottom of the slide below the muzzle, it’s in really good shape.

I brought this bad boy home, gave it a good cleaning and replaced the recoil and magazine springs. That’s one of the nice things about these Third Generation S&W semi autos. They hardly ever need anything more than to be kept clean, lubed, and spring replacements to be accurate and reliable.

All that’s left now is a trip to the range for some shooting time to make sure that everything works as it should. Something I do for any firearm I might use for self defense before I start carrying it.

A new gun post is nothing without pictures. Here they are, I’m still undecided on whether to look into having the rail removed. I don’t like the rail, but like the idea of having two holes in the underside of the dust cover even less.




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