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A Bug, Not A Feature


I have a laptop computer that runs Windows 8.1. It’s okay, but I can see why Microsoft fired the executive that was in charge of that project. The main reason I got that particular laptop was because it had a very nice touch screen on it. I lie touch screens because they are easy to use. Once I got my computer set up the way I wanted it, which mostly was to look and work like Windows 7, it was fine.

A month or so ago, I received and email from Microsoft telling me that I qualified for a free upgrade to Windows 10 in late July when it would be released. Apparently Windows 8.1 is so bad that Windows 9 couldn’t fix it so MS skipped right to Windows 10. I talked to a few IT folks I know and they all told me that it would be best to wait for the first Service Pack before upgrading. Microsoft has this bad habit of letting end users be their beta testers. Actually, it’s not a habit, I think it’s corporate policy. In some ways, that’s understandable. When you have an operating system that billions (?) of people are going to use, there is no way that beta testing is going to find all of the bugs. Still, you should be clear on that and not charge exorbitant prices for not quite ready for prime time software.

So, I’m holding off for now.

This article makes that seem like a very wise decision.

Man updates his PC to Windows 10 … only for his wife to find his entire PORN collection transformed into a slideshow on repeat

Within hours of its launch on July 29, experts warned of security problems with Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 10.

But one user has had a more embarrassing problem after installing the new software – the update automatically made his porn collection into a slideshow and used it as a screensaver. 

And to make matters worse, the malfunction was discovered by his wife, who was greeted by the explicit images first thing in the morning.

Ooops. Things were awkward around the house for a while,

My wife is very happy I admitted my mistake on this sub. She said I took my medicine and she now finds it quite funny. Ain’t love grand?’

To be clear, I don’t have a collection of pornographic pictures on my computer. Still, I think I’ll wait until the bugs are worked out a little bit more.

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