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Another Day, Another “Overhaul”


I’m not talking about one of those cool Chip Foose overhauls, either. Those are cool, this one… not.

Steve Lynch: TSA chief vows total overhaul after scathing IG probe

The Transportation Security Administration is going “back to the drawing board” to design new safety protocols after airports around the country failed to find weapons brought through screening in an undercover sting operation, U.S. Rep. Stephen F. Lynch told Herald Radio today.

I had to check the date, since we were promised an overhaul by Neffenger back in July when the Inspector General’s report first came out. That report said that when investigators from the IG’s office went though security with weapons at some airports they got through 96% of the time. That means that the ace inspectors of the TSA only caught them 4% of the time. They went through metal detectors, they went through the very expensive and more likely to cause cancer than we were lead to believe body scanners, and they got through without a problem. The last time I went through, the scanner alerted on a scam in my undershirt and I was frisked and wanded. Yet, the IG’s folks waltzed through with firearms and other weapons.

Anyway, I wonder what’s new about this new overhaul.

The South Boston Democrat said Peter Neffenger, the new TSA administrator, is beginning the process of rethinking what passengers will have to do before boarding a plane.

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  1. They were ‘fake’ weapons so why shouldn’t they have been passed on through? This is just another red herring designed to give the TSA more overreach and waste more taxpayer money.

    • I think you’re missing the point. First, the TSA staff being tested didn’t know they were fake because they never detected them. That of course is assuming you are correct in that they weren’t real firearms. It’s besides the point that even replica firearms are banned from being carried on also.
      The TSA is a joke and has been since the beginning. It’s all “security theater” to make us feel safe flying when the only reason we are any safer is because is someone pulls something on a flight he’s going to get pummeled into his seat by his fellow passengers.

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