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Update To Yesterday’s Post


In case you thought I might be overwrought with my statements that there is likely some sort of Islamic radical connection to the attack,

So to sum up: Mohammad planned to repeatedly “praise Allah” throughout his knife attack (which happened to coincide with the stabbing intifada that has been going on in Israel), cut off someone’s head, and lure the police into an ambush — all while smiling like a maniac.

But he didn’t have an official ISIS membership card or mention the 72 virgins in his manifesto — so no terrorism here. Just an “angry young man.”

Somewhere off in the distance, I hear a duck quacking.

Here is a link to another, more detailed story on the “manifesto”. Said manifesto is supposed to be released in the next few days.

Campus stabber’s manifesto included ‘praise for Allah,’ plan for beheading

Mohammad, a resident of Santa Clara, had just turned 18 in October, and was studying computer science and engineering major at the Northern California college.

I wonder if he planned to bring a clock that he made to school at some point?

Sheriff Warnke seems like somewhat of a dope. No, he actually seems like a professional, life long, dope. That aside, he actually said one thing that made sense.

“He was banking on the fear factor. …His plan went haywire because people fought back,” Warnke said. “He got so befuddled at the activities that happened; it took the script away from him.”

That right there readers, is a great argument for “campus carry” of firearms. I expect that Mohammad would have had far less success if even one student had been armed. Or a professor or even a custodian. Debate for a different day.

No doubt Sheriff Warnke will continue to deny the facts before his very eyes.

I’m sure he just doesn’t want to scare people.

Apparently EMS is going to have to add “Active Stabbers” to our list of response types.

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