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With Head Firmly Planted in the Sand


White House: ISIS has ambition for U.S. attack, but likely lacks capability

Antalya, Turkey (CNN)President Barack Obama’s national security team is sending a message Sunday that might lend at least a glimmer of reassurance to Americans traumatized by the terror attacks in Paris.

Saying that while the ISIS ambition is certainly there to launch similar attacks on U.S. shores, the capability is not great.

Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes told reporters that one big difference between the situation in Europe and that in the U.S. is that “thousands” of fighters have traveled to Syria and then returned to Europe. That number being tracked in America is far smaller– around 40, according to the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper earlier this year.

Clapper added that not all of those ISIS joiners were necessarily fighting — some might have served other roles for the terrorist group, such as first aid — and he knew of no terrorist plots that any of those returning have been involved in once back in the U.S.

I haven’t said anything about the terrorist attacks in Paris Friday night because frankly there’s little to say that I haven’t said before. I feel sympathy for those wounded and the family of those who were killed. I don’t feel a sense of surprise, because I’ve said for years it’s a matter of when and where, not if.

ISIS is this weeks administration boogie man, previously it was Al Qaeda, and before that some other group which we are told does not represent the majority of moderate Muslims. Which must not have representatives because we never hear from them for some reason.

As you will see from the above quote and reading the rest of the article, the administration has it’s head firmly planted in the sand. Or maybe somewhere else.

ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, and a dozen (at least) other terrorist organizations differ only in minor details. They are all pursuing the same goal, which is the destruction of western civilization and the installation of a Caliphate to rule the world. To achieve that goal they will use any means possible and will spare no one. Jews, Christians, atheists, Black, White, Asian.

The civilized nations of the world are not going to defeat these savages by indicting, convicting, and sending them to prison. This is war, pure and simple.

The only way to win this war is too kill the actual attackers, preferably before they can initiate attacks. That’s just the start, though. These people don’t live in a cloud, they have to eat, sleep, train, and be equipped. Just like any other attacking army. Which is what they are.

To defeat them not only must they be killed, but those that house, feed, fund, train, and equip them must be destroyed.

There have already been attacks in the US, the first one was way back in 1993 when the World Trade Center was bombed. Then of course, came September 11, 2001.

We haven’t seen a bomb and shoot attack like the ones in Europe. Yet.

That will soon change and there will be an attack somewhere in the United States within the next couple of years.

The current Administration knows this and they are lying to the world if they say “It can’t happen here.”

The question is what kind of response the country is going to make.

Given the fecklessness of the President, I’m not very confident it will be an effective one.

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