LOUISVILLE, Ky. —Charges are pending against a suspect who is recovering at University Hospital from a gunshot wound.  

Louisville Metro Police said a man with a knife approached a woman downtown Tuesday night and said “give me everything you have.”  Authorities said that’s when the woman pulled out a gun and shot him.

I’m sure that wasn’t the response he expected when he made that demand, but that goes with the territory when you make your living robbing people. He probably didn’t expect a woman to be carrying a gun, much less use it. Sorry, bud, but it’s the 21st Century and women are the fastest growing demographic of gun owners.

The suspect who was shot made his way to the PNC Plaza building.  That’s where police caught up with him, and he was taken to the hospital.

While charges are pending against him, many are praising the woman who took control of a scary situation.

Add me to that list. This woman took responsibility for her own protection.

The suspect is expected to survive. Police said he will be charged when he is released from the hospital.  The woman will not face any charges.

As it should be.