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Civilian defense groups on the rise in Germany

In the wake of the New Year’s Eve attacks on women in Cologne, small groups of civilian vigilantes have emerged. But some security experts warn that, in some cases, they’re a cover for right-wing extremism.

Note the use of the dreaded term “some” in the first line. And of course the self defense groups are infused with “far right” elements. Which is the media way of saying “Neo Nazis” without actually using those words. The media seems to forget that the Nazy Party was a socialist, not a far right party. Unless somewhere along the line there is a socialist party that isn’t leftist in nature.

After all, the police are responsible for maintaining security in Germany; civilians aren’t allowed to start playing sheriff when they feel like it.

Based on the events in Cologne and other major German cities, apparently the police are allowed to STOP playing sheriff when they don’t feel like protecting the citizenry or their bosses don’t want to risk offending some perpetually aggrieved party or another. It’s also important to remember that in modern society the police exist not to protect the citizens from criminals, but to protect criminals from the very rough justice that would be handed out by the citizens if the police were not there to protect the criminals.

Kramer, the chief intelligence officer for Thuringia, doesn’t see a need to monitor civilian defense groups across the board. He said it depends on their activities. Criminologist Christian Pfeiffer also took a more relaxed view in a recent interview with the “Neue Presse2 newspaper in Hanover:

“Civilian defense groups tend not to do much harm, but neither do they increase security in any way.” One reason for this is that the groups have no way of knowing where a dangerous situation might unfold. The groups also have a tendency to fizzle out after a few weeks, for the simple reason that “people who work don’t have time for such things.”

The experts have spoken. Notice how not one of the experts predicted or warned the public that there might be thugs out on New Year’s Eve sexually assaulting women. I guess they were too busy looking for the dreaded right wing extremist threat that doesn’t seem to actually exist.

Or covering up threats that actually do exist.

Police chief in Cologne, Germany, is fired amid criticism tied to assaults on women

Wolfgang Albers, head of the police department, was sent into “early retirement” by the North-Rhine Westphalia state government.

State Interior Minister Ralf Jaeger’s move came after Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker complained that Albers had not given her all relevant information about the molesting, groping and robbing of more than 100 women at the central square near the Cologne Cathedral.

“People rightly want to know what happened on New Year’s Eve, they want to know who the assailants were, and they want to know how such attacks can be prevented in the future,” said Jaeger, sending the 60-year-old into “early retirement” as Germans usually treat such dismissals.

Albers was probably doing as he was directed by his superiors, including Ralh Jaeger and the Mayor, instructed him to do. Downplay the threat before hand and minimize the severity of the attacks. While he’s been fired, he’ll get his pension for being the fall guy for this mess.

The issue of violence against the women in Cologne and at least four other cities Dec. 31 has unsettled Germany this week and has threatened to turn public sentiment against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s controversial policies of allowing more than 1.1 million refugees into the country last year. Aside from Sweden, Merkel has had little support for her open-door policies from any other European Union country.

This sort of thing could certainly turn public sentiment against Merkel and her plan to turn Germany into a multi cultural paradise. Oh, folks in Sweden are also not so happy with their government. Where, unsurprisingly “right wing” elements are doing a bit more than just protesting the government’s action. Several shelters set up for “refugees” have mysteriously burnt to the ground.

Yeah, I think we’ll see a lot more of this in western Europe. Meanwhile eastern Europe, which warned against unbridled immigration, must be laughing their collective asses off.

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