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Sean Penn’s secret Rolling Stone interview with El Chapo helped Mexican authorities discover the notorious drug lord

Actor Sean Penn did what the Mexican authorities never could — find Joaquin (El Chapo) Guzman.

But the notorious drug lord’s willingness to chat with Penn for a story in Rolling Stone magazine ultimately led to his capture — and sparked an investigation into the Hollywood actor, a Mexican law enforcement official said Saturday.

There is nothing in the article that indicates that Penn lead the Mexican police (although it was Mexican Marines who made the capture) intentionally, I’m not sure in the end it will matter to Guzman or his “employees”. I think Penn might have something to worry about. As might Kate Del Castillo, who helped to set up the meeting and interview. I don’t think Guzman tolerates mistakes very much.

For some reason, the article made me think of this song,


I’ll bet J.L. Curtis is wonder why he didn’t think of putting this into one of his “Grey Man” novels. He probably did, but thought to himself  “Naw, nobody would believe anyone could be that dumb.”

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    • I would imagine that it will happen as soon as they can arrange it. Even if he didn’t intentionally lead the authorities to El Chapo, he just doesn’t seem like a forgiving kind of guy. It would also be interesting to know how big a role the NSA played in tracking the cell phones and other communications.

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