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I’ve Been Everywhere, Man


Well, not really, but I’ve been a number of places.

This weekend I’ll be down in Baltimore at EMS Today. Not that I’m all that interested in any of the oh so yesteryear educational sessions, but I’ll have a chance to peruse the exhibit hall.

I’ll also be visiting with a very close friend, sort of an older brother in many ways, who is very will. Sadly, this might be my last chance to enjoy his company, his political views, and his friendship.

Even though I can’t help him, I can still visit him while he can appreciate the fact.

Wakes are sad affairs because people tend to say things about the departed that should have been said while they were alive.

Life is not only short, it’s often cruel. Cherish your friends, because you never know when they will be taken from you.

This post is far more maudlin than I intended it to be when I sat down at the keyboard.

I should also mention I’ll be seeing some friends that are healthy, but that I don’t get enough opportunities to visit with in person. The internet, in all of it’s guises is good, but not perfect.

Here’s a little traveling music for you enjoyment.