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Constitutional Carry Comes to West Virginia


Technically, it will come at the end of May, but the bill has been passed into law over the veto of the Governor.

Legislature overrides Tomblin, allows permitless hidden guns

It will soon be legal for adults in West Virginia to carry hidden handguns with no training and without a permit, after the Legislature acted swiftly, and against the wishes of law enforcement, to override Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin’s veto of the legislation.
The implied message being that without a state mandated training and a state issued permission slip, blood will run in the streets. Or it will be Dodge City. Or criminals will be free to run around with guns and the police will be powerless, powerless I say, to stop them.
In other words, the same talking points anti gun politicians and their supporters with bylines spout every time a gun law is changed or rescinded and gun rights are increased.
It was the same in Maine last year when that state approved Constitutional Carry. Yet nothing happened.
It was the same a few months ago when Texas approved open carry for licensed gun owners. Yet nothing happened.
“While we completely respect the law enforcement community, we also will always come down on the side of the Constitution and ensuring that our rights are protected,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch Carmichael, R-Jackson, said Friday. “They want the permit process and the training associated with that, which I completely respect and admire their position, but the constitutional authority to carry a weapon is inherent in our Second Amendment.”
I can’t add anything to that.

The bill provides a $50 tax credit for anyone who chooses to get the training necessary for a permit.

Tomblin criticized the tax credit in his veto message, calling it “ill advised” at a time when the state is facing a budget crisis.

Imagine that, a Democrat opposes something that would reduce revenue to the state.

The bill also increases criminal penalties for using a weapon while committing a crime and for felons who illegally carry a gun.
I wonder which politicians or law enforcement officials are against this? It would seem that putting criminals in prison for a longer time would be welcomed.
Here’s my prediction of what will happen when this law goes into effect.
Well, at least nothing bad, although we might just see a decrease in crime rates in West Virginia.
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  1. But but but putting actual criminals in prison for longer terms (hmm sounds sorta like professional politicians) will just cost the cash strapped state more money, can’t have that now can we? Wait, if the career criminals get locked up (permanently in many well-deserved cases) and crime rates go down, seems to me to be a good solution…………


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