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Belgium authorities criticized; 13 anti-terror raids made

(AP) — The Belgium government sought Sunday to contain criticism of its handling of the Brussels attacks, as investigators launched 13 anti-terror raids in the capital and two other cities and taking four more people in custody.

Apparently, the strategy of “Maybe they’ll kill us last.”, stopped working. Brussels has been a terrific logistics and planning base for Islamofascist terrorists for years. Apparently that deal with the Devil fell apart when they Belgian police arrested the lead terrorist in last fall’s Paris attacks.

In central Brussels, riot police used water cannon when scuffles broke out in front of the Bourse, which has become a symbolic rallying point for people to pay their respects to those who died in Tuesday’s suicide bombings. Black clad men carrying an anti-Islamic State group banner with an expletive on it held an agitated rally, but were pushed back by riot police.

Riot police identified an enemy that they could control at little to no risk. Can’t have those ultra right wing extremists carrying banners with wirty dords on them. Much easier than trying to capture actual, you know, terrorsts.

Jambon, whose offer to resign Thursday was declined by the prime minister, also acknowledged some shortcomings prior to the March 22 suicide bombings in Brussels that killed at least 31 people and wounded 270 others.

“There have been errors,” he said on VRT television.

Both of them should resign, but won’t. “There have been errors.” is a nice way to avoid responsibility for those errors.

As international pressure on Belgium has mounted for serving as an unwitting rear-base for extremist fighters who launched the Nov. 13 massacres that left 130 dead in Paris, the government has felt forced to defend its choices and the actions of investigators. Lawmakers, meanwhile, are demanding an inquiry.

Unwitting? No, I think it was more complicit since the police and intelligence agencies had a good idea of what was going on inside those “no go” areas. Areas where the sovereign government of Belgium has ceded control to unassimilated Islamists who consider western civilization to be the enemy.

An inquiry will no doubt result in a lot of meaningless reports.

Jambon also said the Brussels subway network had been told to shut off services around 20 minutes before the attack at the subway station, which is close to both the European Union headquarters and the U.S. embassy. He did not fully explain why it was not closed in time, raising more questions about the efficiency of Belgium’s security services.

Jambon doesn’t seem to know a lot of things. Unable to explain why terrorists weren’t arrested before they attacked, unable to respond why the subway system wasn’t shut down, unable to explain why the Paris attack leader wasn’t arrested for months after the attack.

Western Europe is a hot mess that’s going to get hotter and messier. Until the EU makes a decision to actually fight the threat and do it effectively, there are going to be more and more attacks.

Sadly, I don’t think America is far behind. The current administration long ago abandoned the Bush policy of fighting and killing the terrorists on their home territory and we are seeing the results almost every day.


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