The War In Europe


Make no mistake about it. The Islamofascist war against western Europe is escalating. Terror attacks have increased eight fold since 2010. I’ll leave the “Guess who the President” comments out of this post.

The media loves to play “connect the dots”, although generally they excel at doing that after something happens. Notice how the  media never comes out with a story of a potential terrorist attack before the attack happens, yet they all cluck cluck afterwards about how obvious it is.

But I digress.

Back to the eight fold increase.

Bloody tide: Terror deaths increased 8-fold since 2010, says study

The deadly toll of terrorism around the globe has jumped nearly 800 percent in the past five years, according to an exhaustive new report that blames the alarming expansion of Islamist groups across the Middle East and Africa. 

The nonprofit Investigative Project on Terrorism found that an average of nearly 30,000 people per year have been killed by terrorists since 2010, when terrorism’s death toll was 3,284. The authors of the study, which tabulated the numbers through the end of 2015, say that the exponential increase shows two troubling trends: More attacks are happening, and they tend to be deadlier than ever.

Despite what some politicians might want us to believe, increased frequency and ferocity of attacks are not a sign that the enemy is weakening. Quite the opposite is true. While the story focuses on attacks in Africa and Asia, it also notes that Europe is seeing an increase in terrorist activity. Which is pretty obvious if you watch the news at all.

Then there is this,

Iran’s evolving way of war: How the IRGC fights in Syria

Iran is developing a new way of waging war beyond its borders, using Syria as the laboratory. Combat units drawn from the conventional brigades and divisions of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) have been fighting on the front lines alongside Syrian and Iraqi militias and Lebanese Hezbollah since October 2015. The units appear to be deploying as cadres — bringing most of their officers, some of their non-commissioned officers (NCOs), and only a small number of enlisted ranks — and plugging into Iraqi, Syrian, and Hezbollah militia groups that serve as their foot soldiers.

I’m not a military analyst, nor do I play one on Fox News. That being said, is there any reason to think that this couldn’t be used in Europe or even the United States? There are any number of Islamofascist groups at work in Europe. ISIS is just the one that is getting the most attention right now. Iran could send officers and others to Europe to train and lead like minded terrorists in attacks against military and civilian targets. Much as the Viet Cong were expendable troops to the leadership of the North Vietnamese Army, irregular forces in Europe are likely to be expendable to the Iranian government. Keep in mind that all of these Islamofascist groups have the same goal. They only differ in how to achieve it and which faction will be in charge when they win.

Communist governments have a long history of using “useful idiots” to undermine their enemies before they attack. Those useful idiots, in academia, the media, and the government, are eliminated quickly once the battle has been won because they are already proven to be unreliable and trouble makers. Having jihadists eliminate themselves would certainly be helpful to any government that wants to conquer and enemy.

Don’t think that none of this can happen here.

17 Men Reportedly Heard Chanting, Firing Off Shots In Apple Valley Detained, Released

APPLE VALLEY ( and local law enforcement authorities Tuesday are investigating after 17 men were detained for reportedly firing off hundreds of rounds in a remote part of Apple Valley.

Members of the “Allah Akbar Rod and Pistol Club” no doubt. Move along nothing to see here.

Several handguns, a rifle, and a shotgun were found at the scene, but a records check found all the weapons were registered with the exception of the rifle, which reportedly didn’t have a serial number because it was purchased in parts, an FBI spokesperson told The Times.

That’s first class government gibberish. Even if you build a rifle from “parts”, the receiver of the gun has to have a serial number. Unless you build it yourself from a receiver that is only 80% or less finished. I’ll skip the boring technical description, but suffice it to say at the least it’s a bit odd.

All 17 men were eventually released because Sheriff’s investigators say they had no outstanding warrants or criminal histories.

“There was no evidence found that a crime had been committed by any of the subjects who were detained and they were released,” a Sheriff’s spokesperson said.

We’ve heard this before. Usually after a terror attack and just after the suspect or suspects have been identified. Which tells me that terrorists have figure out how to game our laws and get around security measures. Of course we can’t profile because that would be racist. And probably successful.

The FBI may conduct further interviews with the men to determine if any crimes were committed, The Times reported.

Or to see if the police should be prosecuted for the fore mentioned profiling.

Oh, this took place in San Bernadino. Where have we heard that name before?

So far, we’re losing this war. A big part of the reason for that is because the government, much of the media, and much of the public, doesn’t believe that we are at war.

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