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I made it in early this afternoon. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, it was a long, but easy trip. Well, long and tedious, but easy. Longer than Google Maps lead me to believe, even with stops for fuel, food, and facilities factored in. I hit traffic back ups from vehicle collisions along the way, along with a lot of construction traffic. It seems that every state decided to rebuild it’s interstate highway system this year.

That slowed me down in New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Kentucky was free of construction until I got to Louisville itself. Where they are doing a major project on the main highway driving in from Indiana. Which is where I’m actually staying.

My first day of driving started at 6:00AM and finished up just before 9:00PM. I over nighted in Columbus, OH. Which was probably a couple of hours beyond where I should have quit for the day. I’ll have to factor that sort of thing in for the drive home. Which might take a different route in hopes of missing some of the construction back ups. Of course, there is the risk of hitting other traffic back ups.

I’ll plan on two shorter driving days instead of one long one and one shorter one. We’ll see how that works out.

Highlights of the trip. Which will show you how boring this can be.

I got off the highway in Newburgh, NY. I thought there would be a nice play to stop and grab a coffee while using the rest rooms. Well, that was a mistake. If any of my readers are from Newburgh, I’m sorry. It’s a dump. The highlight there was that I got to turn around in the parking lot of Orange County Choppers. Which has a big building and some sort of restaurant or diner built into the facility. A quick look at the menu on line shows no prices, which probably means it’s a touristy kind of place.

Continuing on, I drove the interminable miles on I-84. Which has really long stretches under construction, including parts where it’s down to one lane in each direction. Yech.

Crossing into PA, it got a little bit better. First of all, the firearms are much more reasonable. So, I got off the highway, unlocked the case with my hand guns and dropped one into my pocket.

My only stops were for food, bathroom, and fuel. Mileage on my truck was pretty good all things considered. More road construction and LOT of dead deer on the side of the roads. Pennsylvania is a big state, and most of it is filled with trees and small towns. I made my trip a bit longer than it needed to be by putting in Pittsburg as an intermediate stop. Which pulled me further south than if I had just put in Columbus. Silly me.

I made it to Ohio and continued on. Not as much road construction, but a lot of dead deer on the side of the road. One question for any readers from Ohio. Do they still have the law that says that if you have a collision, you have to stop in the middle of the road until the police show up? I didn’t see any, but I remember that from 40 years or so ago when a friend of mine lived there while he was in dental school.

Columbus was uneventful. Actually I stopped in a suburb of Columbus, not the city itself. When I finally got into the hotel I had just enough energy to take a shower and fall asleep.

Today’s drive was all highway and minimal construction. I made two stops on the way and made it to Louisville around 1:00PM. After I checked into the hotel I drove over to the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center to pick up my press credentials.

And here I am, back at the hotel.

I have to mention that the drivers in Louisville are very aggressive. They also seem to think that using directional signals is a sign of weakness. They seem to like to pass on the right as well. Two near misses from the right side within ten minutes.


On the up side, the firearms laws in Kentucky and Indiana are very Second Amendment friendly.

The real fun starts tomorrow and I’ll post as much as I can. I’m going to spend some time listening to the speeches. Speaking of which Donald Trump is going to speak here sometime this weekend. That will be tomorrow and media credentials are needed to get into the hall. Since Mr. Trump has Secret Service protection, this is going to be interesting. Lots of people, including some of the media, are carrying firearms. That will drive the Agents crazy.

It’s amazing how much can change in a year. Last year, the big speaker was WI Governor Scott Walker. He gave a rousing speech and seemed like a top contender for the GOP Presidential nomination. Ironically, he was one of the first to fall by the wayside.

Of course I’ll also be spending time on the exhibit hall floor looking at all of the new and exciting stuff that manufacturers have to offer. I wonder if this is like EMS shows, where one year a company has a big booth and the next they have sunk beneath the ways?

More tomorrow and in the following days.

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