Priorities, Priorities


It’s good to see that the people that run EMS in New York City have their priorities in order.

City workers being trained on correct transgender pronouns

Firefighters and medics will take their first “Trans 101” course on Tuesday,
learning the correct way to interact with transgender people – and even
getting a lesson in what LGTBQI actually stands for, a city official said.

(It stands for lesbian gay trans bisexual queer/questioning and intersex.)

The two-hour sensitivity training was launched in March by the city
Commission for Human Rights after Mayor de Blasio signed an executive order
allowing people to use any public bathroom or locker room they identified
with, regardless of their sexual anatomy.

The training at FDNY headquarters in Downtown Brooklyn will go over correct
terminology and even how to ask for a person’s preferred pronoun.

“People need to learn to not be afraid to ask someone who is transitioning
genders what their pronoun is,” said a Commission for Human Rights

Over the years, I’ve had a lot of friends who worked for EMS in New York City. Some from the days that the FDNY “merged” with EMS, some who started after, some who worked for hospital operated systems that responded to 9-1-1 calls.

The reason I mention that is over the years, I’ve heard and read a lot about problems with EMS response in NYC. Long dispatch times, delays in response, useless first response by fire fighters who sit in the big red trucks in front of the address waiting for the ambulance to show up. Bad equipment, beat to shit ambulances, employee turnover, crappy pay and benefits.

If one were rational, one might think that Mayors and fire department commanders would address some of those issues and improve EMS in one of the largest cities in America.

One would be wrong, apparently.

This is the top priority for the people who run the city, the fire department, and EMS. I’m sure the NYPD will get some sort of similar training.

We are well into the “Crazy Years” as Heinlein used to say.

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  1. That we are! How much was spent to ‘develop and teach’ that course??? And last time I looked, it was pretty hard for an unconscious person to state their ‘pronoun’… sigh

    • Shortly before I retired, our overseers as the parent organization decided that we needed 24 hours of training on “Disparities in Health Care”, concentrating on how we were racists. One our training officers was tasked with attending “Train the Trainer” and refused because he had scheduled day off that day. His boss ordered him under threat of suspension to take the training. The training officer reminded his boss that he had about two weeks left before his retirement. He asked if they were going to bring him back from retirement to suspend him. That was the end of that.

      In the end, they decided that we only needed 8 hours of training, but by the time they got semi organized I had retired and missed it. Well, not missed it, I just didn’t attend. Probably for the best.

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