Some Good News For A Change


I’ve been a fan of Rescuing Providence for a long time. Michael Morse is a very good writer. Despite having only slightly similar backgrounds, our experiences are very much the same. I knew that he had retired from the Providence Fire Department a few years back. Well, technically not retired, but become unable to continue to work on the rescue ambulances where he had spent much of his career. For what are now obvious reasons, he didn’t go into much detail about what was happening, but it was clear he had moved on with his life.

Now, we know why.

Supreme Court orders city to reconsider firefighters disability pension

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) – The Rhode Island Supreme Court ruled Monday the Providence Retirement Board “misconstrued” a city ordinance when it denied a city firefighter’s request for a tax-free disability pension in 2012.

The ruling means the board must reconsider Michael Morse’s petition for an accidental disability pension, which stems from an injury he suffered while lifting a patient at Rhode Island Hospital in August 2012.

From his blog post.

I won’t be the first firefighter/EMT to work hurt and I won’t be the last. At least through my actions and with the power of a Supreme Court decision behind them future Providence, RI firefighters and EMT’s who get injured as a result of their job won’t have to endure the indignities that I did.

Even as he makes his exit from the fire service, Mike is doing his best to help current and future generations of fire fighters receive the benefits they earned the hard way.

Good luck, Mike. Hopefully, your path just got easier.




    • It’s nice to have good news for a change. Guys who won’t even know your name will benefit from this decision for years to come.

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