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That was quite a surprise. The vote was close, as expected, but a clear majority of British voters opted to exit stage right. There is the predictable whinging from the left in Britain and other parts of the European Union. Poor losers, I guess.

Some of the whinging comes from British millennials who apparently blame the “old folks” for voting away the millennials future or something. Apparently the millennials missed the memo that said that there are no guarantees in the future and that each generation has to deal with the mess left by the previous one.

Blogger Richard Fernandez sent them another memo,

Essentially people much older than you gave you what you now take for granted. They won World War 2, fueled the great boom, walked through the valley of the shadow of nuclear death — and had you.

You didn’t make the present, nor as you now complain, are you making the future. No children, no national defense, no love of God or country.

But that’s just it. You’ve brainwashed yourselves into thinking someone else: the old, the older, the government, the dead would always do things for you.

If you learn anything from Brexit, learn that nobody got anywhere expecting someone to do things for him.

I’ll add to this. The generation that fought World War I didn’t sign up to die in the fields of France and other European nations (or Turkey) because some knucklehead assassinated a minor potentate in a town few of them ever heard of in Bosnia. It seems like there is always trouble in Bosnia, but that’s a different story. Yet, young men from Britain, France, Australia, Italy, Germany, and eventually the United States went to ware because of that. Many of them never came back. For those who dwell on minutia, I know that there were other nations involved, but you get the point.

The same story goes for World War II. My Dad’s story is pretty typical. Before the war, he was in college studying engineering. He was a whiz at math (I know because I watched him run the family business in his head). He didn’t plan to go into the family business, he planned to be an engineer. What he DIDN’T plan was to be inducted into the United States Army, spend most of the war sitting in Greenland waiting to shoot down German planes that never came. After the Germans surrendered, he went on the only sea cruise he would ever go on. Sea cruise being a euphemism for being crammed into a troop ship out of San Francisco and fighting in the Philippines. All of which he survived, only to come back home after the war to find his father dead of a heart attack and his  sister and brother way too young to support the family. College disappeared from his plan and he reopened the family business and stayed there until the day he died. Literally.

I’d be willing to bet that thousands, if not millions, of young men had similar stories. Yet, they won a war, saved civilization, and then came back to live the rest of their lives.

There are no guarantees and we all have to play the hand that we are dealt.

It’s been that way forever, and likely will continue to be that way.

No matter what lying politicians tell you.

Britain will survive the BREXIT, although the European Union might not. Britain might even be better off when the turmoil settles down. The world might even be better off.

The BREXIT might have far reaching consequences for the upcoming Presidential election. Or it might not. The people who tell us that they can predict the future are generally full of shit. I see no reason to believe they have a better idea of what will happen over the next months than you or I do.

I’m not sure I want to know.

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