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The Democrat Presidential Nominee


I’ve been saying this for months. Hillary Clinton will not be the nominee for the Democrats. Neither will Bernie “Cranky Old Commie” Sanders. Neither one of them can beat Donald Trump, despite what the political reporters (who are mostly Democrats) say.

Trump is continuing the destruction of political norms started by the current resident of the White House. All of the old rules are going out the window as a direct result of a President who has no respect for them and a savvy salesman/deal maker who has read the political tea leaves and acted accordingly.

A lot of  my friends and acquaintances have downplayed (at the least) the gravity of the Hillary Clinton email scandal. The legacy media is doing it’s level best to ignore the matter entirely and when that fails they resort to the long used Clinton excuse of “Everybody does it”. Only everybody doesn’t do it and a couple of people who have, have been charged and plead guilty to violating federal law.

Clinton is a deeply flawed candidate, even without this issue hanging over her head. The more people get to know her, the less people like her. Her plan was to put away Sanders and then go off the political radar while Trump and the rest of the Republicans fought it out right into and maybe beyond the Republican nominating convention. Then, she’d be able to coast to victory in November. Maybe not be a lot, but by enough. Trump blew up that strategy by beating out the competition and now he’s the one that can cruise for a bit. Not that he has disappeared from view, but he can save money and effort while still remaining in view.

Now Trump can keep a low (for him) profile while the news cycle continues to highlight not only the email scandal, but the efforts by Clinton and her allies to make it all go away.

The Democrats are worried. The Chair of the Democrat National Committee, Congress woman Debbie Wasserman Schultz is worried because there is a move to dump her and find someone else. There is also a campaign to defeat her re election, but that’s a different story. A few months ago it looked not only like the Democrats would keep the White House, but they also stood a good chance to retake the Senate and a lesser, but measurable chance to retake the House.

Now, all of that seems to be in jeopardy as more and more Republicans are starting to endorse and even campaign for Trump.

All because the Democrats seem poised to nominate a very unpopular and potentially indicted candidate whose only real achievement in life was to marry a gifted politician. We’ll leave him out of this post since his old “magic” doesn’t seem to be magical any longer.

What are the Democrats going to do in order to at least retain the White House?

The Torricelli Solution to the Coming Clinton Implosion

In an excellent column following release of the inspector general’s report, National Review’s John Fund envisioned the increasingly plausible implosion of Clinton’s candidacy — i.e., a scenario in which Democrats dump her owing to her metastasizing legal woes, coupled with her extraordinarily high negatives (general disapproval, untrustworthiness, unlikability, etc.). The latter are set in stone after a quarter-century’s antics.

Sums up my thoughts quite nicely.
In October 2002, seeking reelection while beset by an indefensible corruption investigation, Senator Robert Torricelli was badly trailing his Republican rival, Doug Forrester, as the race came down to the wire — no small thing in the blue Garden State. At the eleventh hour (actually, more like after the twelfth hour), Democrats persuaded “the Torch” to step aside. Into his place they slid 78-year-old Frank Lautenberg, a reliably partisan former senator. The lateness of the switcheroo denied Republicans a meaningful opportunity to campaign against Lautenberg, in violation of state election laws. But New Jersey’s solidly Democratic judiciary predictably looked the other way. Overnight, the polls flipped and Lautenberg won going away.

Typical of New Jersey (and Chicago) crooked politics, but that’s beside the point. I post this to set the stage for the this.
There was also a common inkling that Elizabeth Warren would be chosen as veep and heiress apparent. The hard-left senator is a natural choice: She would appease not only lefty women dismayed by Hillary’s implosion but also socialist Bernie Sanders supporters, who are the energy in the party at the moment.

Warren makes all of the right leftist noises, but unlike Sanders, she doesn’t believe any of it. Any more than she’s a real Native American. Her husband has made a lot of money by doing the exact thing that she accuses Donald Trump of doing. She doesn’t have the political baggage of Clinton and will be quite happy sitting at the Naval Observatory doing nothing while President Biden (ugh!), uh, does nothing. At least not anything that will help the country.
Biden is an affable, but sometimes creepy, dope who also has a long history of making stuff up. He and Warren are a perfect team to tell the American voting public how great they are going to make things while continuing along the same path as the current resident of the White House. Only, likely without the Black Lives Matter crap.
I disagree with the article in that I don’t think that it will happen much before, it at all before. the Democrat Convention. The excuse will likely be an “issue” with Hillary’s health, not the pending legal problems. The trade off will be a pre emptive pardon for Clinton (but likely not some of her aides) for any potential crimes. A pardon won’t be enough for her to continue her campaign, but it will be enough to keep her out of court and possibly prison.
So, here is my prediction. Which, of course, is as likely to be correct as anyone else’s political prediction.
Biden/Warren 2016!
Oh, I don’t think it will be enough to beat Donald Trump, but it’s a better option than Hillary and anyone else. Trump has probably already anticipated this, as evidenced by his responses to Warren’s attacks.
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    • You know that (alleged) Chinese course about living in interesting times, right?
      This is a very unsettling campaign. I’ve not been excited about a Republican nominee since G.W. Bush. He disappointed in some ways, but he’s better than the guy before or after him. That aside, I’m not excited about Trump either, other than how much he has turned the election paradigm on it’s head and how nervous he makes both sides of the Permanent Fusion Party and their media lackeys nervous.

  1. I admire your optimism that the DOJ belonging to a President who just endorsed her will move to indict Hillary.

    • Considering how cynical and manipulative they all are, this endorsement could be nothing more than political cover. He can plausibly say that he is SHOCKED!, SHOCKED!, that she was involved in such activities. Thus keeping alive the myth that he isn’t constantly being updated on the status of the investigation. Once they have the most viable replacement lined up, Hillary has no value to him and will be left to swing in the wind.

      Biden/Warren 2016!

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