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EMS paramedics in patient ‘selfie war’ face charge

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office has charged a former Okaloosa County EMS paramedic and issued a warrant for another in connection with a criminal investigation that revealed they allegedly took photos and videos of patients inside ambulances as part of a “selfie war” competition.

Many of the patients were intubated, sedated or otherwise unconscious when they were photographed or recorded, according to an OCSO news release.

“It was a sick, juvenile game,” Sheriff Larry Ashley said at a press conference Thursday in Shalimar. “I don’t know how else to describe it.”

Morons, tried and true.

Ashley said investigators feel certain that none of the photos or videos were posted to any social media sites.

This would be the only thing that these two idiots didn’t do wrong. The whole thing is wrong on every imaginable level.

EMS will be much better off without these two.

Speaking of social media,

Paramedic, 3 firefighters fired for Facebook comments

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Two additional firefighters in South Carolina’s capital were fired Wednesday for comments posted on social media about Black Lives Matter protesters who blocked traffic.

Columbia Fire Department spokesman Brick Lewis said a senior firefighter, hired in October 2013, and a probationary firefighter hired in February were dismissed after admitting to their Facebook comments. Lewis did not know precisely what they wrote, noting that their posts have been deleted.

But he said their termination was part of the same investigation that led to Monday’s firing of Capt. Jimmy Morris, a 16-year veteran of the department, for posting while on duty that he would run over protesters if they were still blocking traffic when his shift ended.

I’m not a big fan of social media. I have 12 “friends” one of which is deceased (long story) and another is a dog. I belong to a couple of groups, but try not to post anything controversial. Which isn’t easy as people tend to get all butt hurt over the most innocuous comments.

If you are employed in the public sector, you have to watch what you say or post. Since we deal with the public statements that would tend to make people think you would treat them differently because of race, sex, sexual preference, or disability, can get you in deep trouble even if you are off duty. It’s a public trust issue and courts have upheld discipline, including termination, when statements made off duty undermine that trust.

These comments have cost seven employees their jobs, so far.

Now, these guys might get their jobs back, but it won’t be quick, easy, or cheap.

Be careful what you post on social media, lock your privacy settings down as tight as possible, and beware of who you let onto your account as “friends”. Don’t post anything about your job, post cute kid, kitten, and puppy pictures.

Trust me, you’ll have a longer career if you follow my advice.


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