What I Did On My Summer Vacation


The truth is not much. Not that I really get a vacation, being retired. I did a bunch of mostly boring stuff, none of which is worth a blog post. So, I’ll give you a synopsis.

I went to the Northesast Blogger Shoot, although a number of the participants don’t blog very much. A couple have stopped blogging and post on other blogs. Some of which I’ve been doing. We shot, discussed politics, fretted about who is going to win in November, ate, shot some more, and ohhed and ahhed over each others guns.

I got to shoot a Bren gun that was lovingly restored to shooting condition (semi auto only) by someone who bought a properly torch cut receiver and welded it back to operational condition. Even semi auto, it’s was a lot of fun to shoot. Everyone wanted a turn, and fortunately I had brought along a few boxes of .303 British ammo to put through my Enfield No5 Mk1. Someone else brought along a M60 machine gun that was definitely NOT semi auto. There were a few other full auto guns there, and people had opportunities to fire most of them.

I got to shoot a Walther PPQ in .45 ACP. I’m not a big fan of polymer framed guns, but this was a very nice gun to shoot. If I could only get one in my state, I might consider it.

I was able to introduce a number of folks to my S&W 3913TSW. It’s a great shooting gun and people asked me why they didn’t see them listed for sale very much. I explained that S&W discontinued these around 2006 in favor of the M&P series of guns. Which are less expensive to make and compete with Glock for police sales. Which, sadly, the much better but more expensive to make 3rd Generation semi auto pistols can’t. It still baffles me why S&W makes 1911 pattern guns, but not these. Everyone on the planet seems to make 1911 pattern guns, but only S&W could make 3rd Generation guns. Then again, I’m not in the manufacturing business and S&W seems to be doing very well.

We didn’t do a summer trip down south this year. My son made two separate trips up north this spring and summer, bringing one grandchild along with him on each one. He’s a brave man and a great son and father. Still, it would have been nice to go south for a week or so and see the whole family down there. Bad timing and lack of planning on my part. I think we’ll do a summer trip next year, regardless of whether or not we can go deep into the heart of Dixie to see the son and his family.

I did get to travel by myself to speak at an EMS conference down south early in the summer. Nice people, in a rural area along the gulf coast. Seeing how thinly staffed fire and EMS are down there made me appreciate how resource rich my area is. I also got to go on a deep sea fishing trip, although it wasn’t that deep. In fact a lot of the area we fished in used to be dry land. While the envirowhackos are telling us that this is a result of global something or other, the people who live there and watched their towns and counties being inundated place the blame squarely on the U.S Army Corps of Engineers and it’s flood control efforts way up river. Those efforts, I am told, altered the way the river flows and more importantly stopped the river from carrying silt down stream to be deposited along the coast. Those deposits countering the never ending erosion along the coast line caused by the ocean. These people are living the effects of environmental change and see it first hand, while others blather about it happening over the next 100 years.

There’s a lot to see in the south in general and Mrs. EMS Artifact and I are still in the scouting and deliberating phase about a move somewhere out of the northeast. Where we don’t know yet, but it’s very likely to happen in the next few years. I hate winter more and more each year and have enjoyed the pleasures of clearing my driveway of snow enough for one lifetime.

I won’t talk about politics this year other than to see it’s crucial to vote. Anyone who has read this blog will know which candidate I favor. Favor being a relative term because he’s not the ideal candidate. Still, I think he’ll do a more credible job as President than his opponent. Who has built a career off of being the wife of one of the most gifted politicians of our lifetime. By gifted, I mean his ability to charm people and make them think he was competent to do the job. His record speaks for itself and I’ll leave it to future historians to decide how good he was at his job.

Since I was around during the summer, I tried to do a lot of the Quality Improvement work with my clients. None of whom seemed to cooperate as they were all one vacation much of the summer. As a result, I had several days with nothing much to do. Which is really boring, so I found things to do. Worked on some projects around the house, including a “honey do” list. I painted, cleaned, did electrical work, refinished the kitchen table, and other projects as defined by the boss. I guess I’d call that retired guy stuff, since some of those projects have been pending since before I retired only I never had the time.

So, now summer is ending, I’m back to meeting with clients, the days are getting shorter and cooler, and of course the election season starts in earnest. I’ll start blogging more and try to keep the politics to a minumum.

September also brings Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and Kilted To Kick Cancer. Select an amount, select a team (at check out), and donate. Whether you are aware of it or not, you know someone who has been affected by Prostate Cancer.

That’s it for now.

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