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Beauty Queens And Other Important Matters


The post title is sarcastic, in case you were wondering.

The main stream media, in their desperate quest to help Hillary Clinton become President has decided that some trivial comments by Donald Trump about a beauty pageant contestant who turned out to be a not very nice person are the most important issue in the Presidential election. Not Hillary Clinton’s ever deteriorating medical condition, not her mendacity, not her incompetence as Secretary of State.

A beauty pageant.

And they wonder why on 29% of the populace believe or trust in them.

Meanwhile, the American media ignores this story,

MPs deliver damning verdict on David Cameron’s Libya intervention

It concurs with Barack Obama’s assessment that the intervention was “a shitshow”, and repeats the US president’s claim that France and Britain lost interest in Libya after Gaddafi was overthrown. The findings are also likely to be seized on by Donald Trump, who has tried to undermine Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy credentials by repeatedly condemning her handling of the Libyan intervention in 2011, when she was US secretary of state.

Most of the rest of the article is spent condemning David Cameron, who appears to have misled the British Parliament about the goals of the Libyan misadventure.

Apparently President Feckless expected Britain and France to lead the reconstruction of the physical and political infrastructure of Libya, but it also appears that there was no agreement to do so. Which falls not only on President Feckless, but also on Secretary of State Clinton.

Who has repeatedly demonstrated her incompetence at everything she does.

The Guardian is a pretty left wing news paper in it’s own right. I don’t read it enough to know who they favor in the upcoming American election, but I doubt it’s Donald Trump.


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    • Of course. Now CNN will be all about his tax returns, like that matters. I wonder if the FBI will find out who leaked them to the New York Times, since that’s apparently a felony. Not that the FBI has much interest in prosecuting that. Way to ruin an agency’s reputation Comey.

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