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Because It Worked So Well The Last Time


Renegade states plan to pull off their own Brexit and ditch the US for Canada

Following shock news The Donald would be the 45th American President, Canada’s immigration website was flooded with so many requests from US citizens it actually crashed.

Others took to the streets to make it clear they wanted Trump out of the White House before he’s even officially become President.

Now some Americans are hoping to officially join up with their friends in the north without even moving house.

The idea for Calexit – for California to become an independent state – quickly went viral on social media after the election results were announced, with thousands of people calling for it to happen NOW.

A slight history lesson for our friends in CA and other states that want to leave the US and join Canada. Something like this was tried in 1861 when another group of voters decided they didn’t want to be part of the United States after a Republican was elected President.

The United States had some, uh, objections to the concept and a war was fought. Which the folks wanting to leave lost, quite decisively. The aftermath of that was far less than pleasant for those states, as I recall.

That’s assuming that Canada is the least bit interested in having these states join their country. Rather presumptuous of those Americans, isn’t it?

Mexico might also have something to say since they have laid a claim, which is equally invalid, to parts of California and Nevada.

Vote or no vote, if these states decide to leave the United States, I expect that the reaction would be about the same as in 1861. Only this time, it would be better to expel them as states and force them to remain as part of the country as mere territories. Which would teach them a lesson.

Of course, none of this is going to happen and it’s just cry babying by the sore losers on the left. A quieter, less violent, but still silly response to losing an election than we are seeing in other cities. Where, ironically, the buildings being damaged and looted more than likely belong to people who agree with the rioters.

Of course I expect that stores that sell work clothes and work boots are safe.


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