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The election is over and Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States. I’m sure no one will be surprised that I’m very happy about that.

Trump was not my first, second, or third choice for Republican candidate. However my first, second, and third choices all failed to get the nomination. Trump was the candidate, and Trump beat not only the most successful political machine in America, but he also beat many in his own party.

Herewith some of my thoughts on winners and losers.

Other than the obvious, Mike Pence is a huge winner. I rather doubt that Mr. Trump will run for re-election. The job of President is wearying and he’ll likely want to move on after one term. Which puts Pence in a good position to run in four years. That’s assuming that Trump isn’t a complete disaster as President, which I don’t think he will be.

Other winners, Reince Priebus, Chris Christie, Jeff Sessions, Ted Cruz, General Mike Flynn, and the Republican Party. Trump supposedly had negative coat tails, but in fact, he pulled a lot of votes down ticket with him. I expect some of these people will find very high level positions in the Trump Administration. Speaker Paul Ryan. He was late to the party, but he’s got on board and will work with Trump.

America. Not in the political sense, but in the sense that the system actually worked. The voters didn’t like the way the country was headed and used the ballot box to effect change.

Lowers, other than the obvious. Chuck Schumer. No Majority Leader for you. Kelly Ayotte. Ran away from Trump and likely is going to be one of the few incumbent Senators to lose re-election. Bernie Sanders. Betrayed his principles and got nothing but a lakefront house out of the deal. The media. Didn’t see the Tsunami that was sweeping over the country. Governor John Kasich. Gave Trump the back of his hand and he can expect nothing for his efforts. The Democrat Party. It all fell apart for them and like the media, they were oblivious.

I expect that the Democrats, despite their rhetoric, will do everything they can to block President Trump. I expect that in two years, they’ll regret their obstinance.

Now that he’s won, the hard part starts for Donald Trump. Now, he has to govern.

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