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CPR Refresher Course Needed


Not me, but this police officer in Hudson, NY might need some remediation.

Unresponsive frozen woman really lifelike CPR mannequin

HUDSON – A call for a woman “frozen to death” in her car turned into a happy but slightly jarring surprise for Hudson rescuers Friday morning.

They broke the car’s window before realizing it wasn’t a woman, just a life-sized mannequin used in CPR training. The car’s owner works in sales for a company that makes medical training aides.

Go to the link and tell me that mannequin doesn’t look realistic. I think the Oxygen mask was probably applied by the police officer. Who is going to take some ribbing from his fellow police officers. And fire fighters, as well.

Police said the mannequin was extremely detailed and was dressed in convincing clothing and glasses, with teeth, shoes and skin blemishes.

The owner told police he travels with the mannequin and therefore seat belted it in.

If I were something of a cynic, which you all know I’m not, I’d suspect that this very realistic looking elderly lady mannequin might, just might I say, help the owner of the car to skate through any restricted High Occupancy Vehicle lanes that might be in his sales territory.

Good thing I’m not a cynic.

Said owner was also rather annoyed that the police broke his window to gain access. From the comments by the police chief, I suspect that he wanted the town to pay to replace the window.

Lot’s of luck with that.

Investigators said no charges would be filed.

Charges? Does the Hudson PD have some sort of “Crimes against CPR mannequins” squad? I rather doubt that there is a law on the books about leaving CPR mannequins in freezing cars.

Then again, it’s New York State, so you never know what kind of laws they’re going to come up with.



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