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Hoist By His Own Petard


The title of this post goes back to Medieval times. Which is actually older than me and I never responded to a “Petard incident.”

Here is the definition,


Injured by the device that you intended to use to injure others.

For the most part these days, this is used as a metaphorical reference.

For the most part.

Then there is this.

Hamas bomb maker accidentally blows himself up

It’s been two days since Hamas’ last workplace accident.

Hamas field commander Muhammad Walid al-Quqa, 37, died Sunday from injuries sustained while “setting up” something, according to a news release from Hamas’ al-Qassam Brigade obtained by The Times of Israel. Apparently, when you’re a bomb maker for the militant group, accidentally blowing yourself up before you can blow other people up is just an accepted hazard of the job.

Ooops. I’d say that I hate when that happens, but in the case of Hamas and other terrorist organizations, I don’t hate it at all. In fact, I laugh.

“An accepted hazard of the job.”

Too bad for him, good for the rest of us.

There’s more information on the historical use of the phrase at the first link, and more details on the demise of Mr. al-Quga at the second link. Which includes a video of Bill O’Reilly prattling on as he does. Feel free to hit mute.

Oh, Mr. al-Quga blew his arms and legs off and apparently lingered on for a while in agony before dying.

He was literally hoist by his own petard .

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