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Not to discriminate against women, I’ll also say Top. Women.

From the TSA, of course. Those valiant men and women that catch terrorists (well they might some day), harass otherwise honest travelers for carrying 3.1 ounces of water on board a plane, and of course once in a while BEEP while going through the metal detector. Along with thorough searches of nubile young women and stripping the elderly of their canes and adult continence garments.

Wow, that’s a lot of hard work right there pretending to keep the flying public safe from… something.

Every once in a while there is going to be a teensy weensy slip up. Like this,

TSA allows Kennedy Airport passengers to walk through security checkpoint without being screened

No lines. No waiting. And no TSA screeners.

Eleven passengers strolled through a security lane without being screened at Kennedy Airport early Monday after Transportation Security Administration agents left the area unsupervised, law enforcement sources said.

Instead of following protocol and notifying Port Authority cops, it took the TSA two hours to tell police about the frightening breach, the sources add.

The unscreened passengers — three of whom set off a metal detector — didn’t even have to take off their shoes to get through security, according to a photo of two of the men obtained by the Daily News.

That’s even better than Pre Check! I disagree with the characterization of these people as “unscreened”. They were “self screened”, sort of using the honor system to make sure that they weren’t terrorists.

Then, to make it more interesting, the TSA employees involved neglected to inform the Port Authority Police Department of what I think we can fairly call as serious lapse in security.

When they were finally alerted, Port Authority cops flooded the terminal equipped with surveillance photos of the travelers, but none of them could be found, the sources said.

The three people who set off the metal detector all flew to California, a Port Authority official said. Records show there were four Jet Blue flights from Terminal 5 scheduled for California between 7 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. — two to San Francisco and two to Los Angeles.

Taking a break from arresting lawful gun owners lawfully flying out of JFK, no doubt. After all we can’t have people who don’t commit crimes not committing a crime. Even if the crime has to be made up. But, I digress.

“Early reports indicate three passengers did not receive required secondary screening after alarming the walk-through detector,” the agency said. “All personal carry-on bags received required screening.”

Can you spot the lie in the statement above? I can and I’ll share it with you. If there was NO ONE sitting at the Xray viewing station when the bags took their trip down to the conveyor, how the hell can they have been properly screened? Of course they weren’t, so someone could have got an unopened container of yogurt on the plane. And probably a metal spoon as well. Oh, the horror.

The Port Authority official said eight of the travelers hadn’t been identified by late Monday.

“Port Authority Police are continuing to assist federal authorities in efforts to identify and locate the other eight passengers,” the official said.

So, three of the travelers have been identified. Poor bastards. No doubt the police and federal authorities where ever they landed will be harassing the crap out of them because of this. They’ll be threatened and probably fined would be my guess. If I were one of the eight that the sleuths from the TSA can’t identify, I’d keep my mouth shut. The TSA will make an example of these people if they figure out who they are. After all, travelers are supposed to stand quietly by, even if they miss their flight, until the TSA gets it’s collective act together.

As Mrs. EMS Artifact says, the terrorists must be laughing hysterically at this sort of thing.

The TSA said it was “confident” the incident represented “no threat to the aviation transportation system.”

Thus sort of proving that the TSA as a whole is pretty much unneeded. At least it would seem so.

“TSA works with a network of security layers both seen and unseen,” the statement said. “Once our review is complete, TSA will discipline and retrain the employees as appropriate.”

What was unseen was any TSA officers at their posts this morning. What’s sort of surprising is that only eleven people walked through unmolested. I’m sure that more than that number flew on those flights. I’d love to know how soon the lapse was really discovered and what was really done.

“Discipline and retrain?” Retrain? How about terminate? Starting with the absent employees, working up to their supervisors, and then right up to management level. If the TSA is to be anything more than a punch line, then there should be serious consequences for the idiots responsible for this screw up.

Gen. Kelly is going to have a lot of work ahead of him getting the goat screw of an agency straightened out.

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  1. Yep, big question is WHO opened that area… THAT takes a senior supervisor! I’m also betting a lot more that 11 people went through there…

    • I agree. I don’t think we’ve heard the entire story yet. Hopefully with a new Secretary of DHS, there will be REAL transparency in this organization.

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