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And It’s Terrorism. Again.


Last night’s bombing of a concert venue in Manchester, England is yet another attack by Islamic Terrorist. Or as I refer to them, Islamofascists.
We can, and probably will, have yet another debate as to whether these war criminals are mainstream adherents of Islam or savages who have perverted Islam for their own purposes.

I’m not sure that it matters which, if either, theory is true. What matters is that there is a cult (or cabal) of savages who identify as the true believers of a major religion. In pursuit of their goals of world domination they have decided that attacking civilians is their best tactic.

The 19 (so far) victims of last night’s attack are mostly young people, since the performer is popular among pre teen and teenage kids, particularly young girls and women.

Brave soldiers of Islam strike again.

Of course, we’ll see the sad speeches by politicians, the memorials to the dead, the hashtags, and maybe we’ll be lucky enough for Paul McCartney to bring a piano to Manchester and sing “Imagine.” Yeah, that will be effective. In the end, a couple of people will be arrested, indicted, and maybe convicted for this “crime.” Of course other people will be arrested, indicted, and maybe convicted for “Islamophobic thought”, because we have to remember never to offend our murderers.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Ad naseum.

I’m reminded of this passage from the Declaration of Independence,

…the merciless Indian Savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.

That’s the type of war that the Islamofascists are waging against Western Civilization.

Note that I said war, not crime. It’s time that government officials in western nations acknowledge that we are engaged in a war and that these are not crimes. This is no less a war than was World War II and the stakes are much the same. We are being attacked by an evil theology that wants not just to change our way of life, but to destroy it and replace our civilization with it’s own barbaric state.

Their tactic of choice, at least in those areas where they can’t engage in open conflict, is terrorism. The goal is submission through fear.

The response of the west has been tepid at best. Our media and so called political leadership has responded tepidly, if at all. There will be passionate speeches deploring the violence and mourning the victims. Each speech will be careful to either not name the cause or put in some sort of weaselly working about “This is not the real Islam.”, or a warning against “Islamophobic” reprisals because most of Muslims are peaceful people and “are as revolted by this as are the rest of us.”

Only, we never seem to see heated denunciations of the attacks among the leadership of Islam. Even our allies, as such, in the Muslim world stand mute when these attacks occur. There is a large Muslim population in Great Britain. There are many mosques and religious leaders there. A Google search reveals only two stories in which Muslim leaders in England (both in Manchester) have spoken out in condemnation.

Now it turns out that the attacker, once again, is a “Known Wolf”. The security and police services in the UK knew about him, but didn’t consider him “an immediate threat.” Apparently, it’s more important for the British police to respect diversity (or something) than to contain the threat before the attack.

The problem is that, in most of the western world, these attack are still being treated more less the same as bank robberies and not as acts of war by what the Geneva Accords clearly define as “illegal combatants”. It shouldn’t matter at all if they are inside the country being attacked or outside the country being attacked. The legal niceties are going to kill us. Literally.

Sadly, this will continue until the terrorists reach the stage where they will openly attack cities, kill the infidel inhabitants, and claim sovereignty over the areas conquered. Maybe then, the government will recognize and actually fight the war we’re in.

By then it might be too late, and even if it’s not, it will be a costly war in both lives and money.

All of which could have been avoided by a more robust response early on.

We never seem to learn that lesson and so are doomed to repeat it over and over again.

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