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Pointless And Illegal

Pointless And Illegal

I’ll keep this one short. The man pictured in this video is either an idiot or a liar. Maybe an idiot and a liar. I’m not really sure.
What he purports to do is saw an AR15 in half to symbolize his sorrow at the recent mass shooting in Florida. All well and good except for two things.
First, he didn’t saw the AR15 in half. He sawed the barrel in half, which isn’t destroying the gun. It’s destroying the barrel, hand guards, and gas tube. All of which are commonly available and easy to replace. If he were to place a charged magazine into the gun, he’d be able to (ineffectively) fire the gun.

To actually destroy the gun, he’d need to cut the receiver in half. Technically, to destroy the receiver per the ATF, he’d need to “flame cut” it into three parts using a cutting torch of some type. Since the receiver is “the gun” according to federal law, he’d “have cut the gun in half”.

Second. What he did was create a “Short Barrel Firearm”. Those are regulated by federal and in many states, state laws. Building one without the requisite forms filled out and fees paid is a crime. It’s a very serious federal crime.

If the ATF were of a mind, they might be inclined to pay him a visit. A visit that he wouldn’t like at all. Violations of the National Firearms Act are crimes which the federal government considers very serious.

Here are video star not only commits a crime, he provides incontrovertible evidence for the entire world. Another victory for Social Media, as it were.

I think he, and the world, would be better off if he didn’t have any guns.


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    • I read that he has a different video where he cut through the lower, but I don’t know if that will help him if the ATF takes an interest.

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