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Gun control, that is. After the Parkland high school student, we are informed that gun control is all the rage again. Since it’s an election year, this is a hot button issue and the legislature in Florida passed, and the Governor signed, a new “gun control bill”.

Which won’t do anything to solve the problem. Which isn’t guns, but is violence.

The Florida law, which doesn’t go into effect until October 1, raises the minimum age for purchasing a long gun to 21. Apparently, somehow by magic people who at 20 years and 364 days are too immature and dangerous to buy rifles or shotguns are suddenly imbued with wisdom and good judgement when the turn 22.

Personally, I think it would make more sense to raise the driving age to 21 considering how many people under 21 are killed in car crashes each year. Not to mention raising the voting age to 21 (30 would be better).

Which means that no one under 21 should be allowed to enlist in the military, either.

Feel free to tell me how going into the military instills discipline (it does) and training into young people under 21. The problem with people under 21committing crimes with rifles or shotguns, not that they lack discipline or training. The problem is that they are criminals and intend to commit crimes. Which is why people in the age range of 18-21 are sent to adult prisons, not juvenile facilities.

The law also bans bump stocks. Bump stocks are ridiculous devices and are not widely used by anyone, especially criminals. One crime has been committed using a bump stock and arguably if the shooter had used a regular AR-15 he could have killed more people. That’s due to the inherent unreliability of the device.

Also, of course bans on inanimate objects don’t stop people who want to commit crimes from committing crimes. Just about anyone can make their own bump stock if they want one.

The law imposes a three day (or longer) waiting period before anyone can buy a firearm. Of course this only applies to sales through licensed dealers and doesn’t apply to people who have concealed carry permits. It doesn’t apply at all to personal sales, at least not yet.

The law also lowers the bar for police to confiscate firearms from people who a confined for a psychiatric evaluation under Florida’s Baker Act. Or people who are otherwise deemed “dangerous”. I haven’t read the entire text, so I don’t know how or if a person can prove that they aren’t dangerous and should be allowed to exercise a Right enumerated in the Constitution.

I wonder if they will be barred from exercising free speech?

All of this of course, is a knee jerk reaction to the “Parkland students” who have demanded that their adults and betters “do something” about guns. Not something about crime, but something about guns.

So, we are supposed to take direction from people that we have deemed are too young and immature to own firearms. But, somehow these Tide Pod eating children have become mature leaders who we are supposed to follow when it comes to crime, guns, and what adults can do.

Sure. Pull the other one mate, it has bells on it.

The National Rifle Association had a lawsuit drawn up and ready to go the second Governor Scott signed the bill into law. The lawsuit challenges the age restriction portion of the bill, which is a good start. While the rest of the law is pretty silly, there is likely a strong Constitutional basis for challenging the under 21 part.

The rest is just election year silliness. Since Governor Scott wants to become Senator Scott, he apparently thinks this will help him in a swing state with a lot of Democrat voters. This will likely play well in Broward (rhymes with coward) county and other liberal parts of Florida. It’s likely to be less well received in the rural counties, particularly in the panhandle.

As always, gun control is not about guns or reducing crime. It’s all about control.

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