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It’s Only Make Believe

It’s Only Make Believe

Today there was a nationwide (I guess), school walk out to protest gun violence and force adult to do the bidding of children. You know, the ones that are too young to vote, too young to drink, and too young to own guns. Apparently old enough to eat Tide Pods, but that’s a different form of stupidity.

We are told, and expected to believe that these callow youths spontaneously organized a nationwide protest against the NRA, gun manufacturers, gun owners, and gun sellers. That they know the one true way to reducing crime and stopping school shootings.

That they, and only they, have the “moral authority” to lecture us and we are supposed to shut up and listen. And the duly elected representatives are supposed to shut up and vote the way that these children tell them to.

Moral Authority. They should ask Cindy Sheehan about moral authority.

Then we learn that it’s all a lie. That this is a well coordinated operation by the usual gun confiscation suspects.

The Right Needs To Learn From The Left’s Astroturfing Of The Parkland Survivors

In the wake of the Parkland school shooting, something amazing happened. Unlike other mass shootings, which cause a flurry of calls for gun control that usually fizzle out in a week or so, this one resulted in a sustained conversation and some sort-of tangible damage to the NRA.

The change came because many of the Stoneman Douglas High School students who survived the shooting became organized — attending rallies, tweeting, and appearing on major networks — to call for gun control. Or so we thought.

About two weeks after what was reported as a movement by the students, forensic science specialist David Hines discovered that the whole “movement” was actually a coordinated plan from the Left. Within two days of the shooting, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., was helping the kids; teacher’s unions, groups associated with Michael Bloomberg, and people connected to the Women’s March were all assisting in securing funding and promotion. Planned Parenthood, George Clooney, and Oprah Winfrey all donated money to the effort.

As I said, the usual gun confiscation suspect. For the record, MS Winfrey, Mr. Clooney, Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz, all have armed security when they travel. As likely does Michael Bloomberg. After all, he’s a billionaire and a possible candidate for a kidnapping. Their children, if they have any, go to private schools with armed security.

Speaking of armed security, here is a sign obviously made to look like it was hand drawn when it was professionally produced. Stupid, but professionally produced.

The White House is a Gun Free Zone? The White House is anything but a Gun Free Zone.

Man Shot by Secret Service at White House: ‘I Came Here To Shoot People’

Yet, we are supposed to listen to people like this young mush head about issues of vital importance. Right. I wouldn’t trust her to get my coffee order right.

I have no ideal what Winston Churchill has to do with this issue, especially since he traveled with armed security.

On the very off chance that the young lady see this post, here is an illustrative photo of the “gun free zone” that surrounds the President, any President.

Basically, the left had money and infrastructure ready to go for an all-out assault on guns and the NRA, they just needed the right moment — the right victims.

It’s sickening, when you think about it; they were basically waiting for children to die so that they could swoop in and blame everyone they dislike, instead of the actual shooter. They paraded grieving children in front of cameras without any care for their well-being just to help their cause.

Think about that. This operation was set up in advance, just waiting for an opportunity. The paranoid among us, which seems to be an ever growing percentage, will more than thank about it. They’ll start drawing connections, whether or not they exist.

Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz represents the Florida 23rd District. That covers much of Broward County where this shooting took place. The Sheriff of Broward County is a Democrat and aligned with her. It was at least one Broward County Deputy who failed to enter the school and confront the shooter. The Sheriff’s Department knew the shooter quite well having been to his house something like 30 times.

Oh, there was a mass stabbing incident in Palm Beach County this week. A young man who had been radicalized by Islamic videos stabbed three people and killed one. Palm Beach County is also in her district, but I haven’t seen a statement from her about that.

I’ll stop there and I won’t link to any of the sites that are perpetuating this conspiracy theory. Suffice it to say that she has ample reason to draw attention away from herself and towards a “national conversation” on gun control.

NO, I don’t believe that there was any sort of conspiracy in this school shooting or any other mass shooting event for that matter. I want to be clear about that.

The article at the links isn’t completely about the Astroturfing of today’s protest. I’m not sure I agree with the author’s point that the Right should look at adopting similar dishonest tactics. Still, her point that this entire “national movement” was spontaneous and “student lead”. It’s neither, and these kids will be dropped as soon as their usefulness is over.

“Useful idiots” as the KGB used to call them.

As the saying goes, “It takes a lot of planning to make something happen spontaneously.” Or at least make it appear to happen spontaneously.

If the students fronting these protests can’t figure out that they are being used, then they are not smart enough to be leading them. If they know what is going on and participate anyway, then they are being willfully dishonest.

Either way, their protests are a sham and should be treated as such.

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