There was a new Army recruit that frequently drew the ire of his Drill Sergeant. Nothing he did was right, he was always yelled at, he spent most of his time doing extra duty, or peeling potatoes.

Finally, came graduation day and the newly minted soldier ran into his tormentor.

The Sergeant said, “I’ll bet when I die, you’ll come and piss on my grave.”

The Soldier replied, “No Sergeant, when I get out of the Army, I’m never standing in line again.”

I hate lines, but sometimes we have to stand in them. After I finally got into the Dallas Love last night, Ambulance Driver picked me, we had dinner and went back to the hotel. iT was late and the NRA Press Office at the Convention Center was closed.

So, this morning, after a hearty breakfast, we walked (closer to waded) over so that I could pick up my media credentials. We figured, incorrectly as it happened, that we’d be there after the rush.

The line was longer than the one in the joke above. No one was particularly happy, but no one threw a hissy fit either. There was some joking about the slow pace of line (slower than tectonic plates), but it was good natured grumbling.

Only one guy jumped ahead in line, apparently to “catch up with his crew”, and no one shot him. No one rioted, no one burned the convention center to the ground.

A good number of the people in line with me are also NRA members. There were some “real media” people in line, but they were fewer in number.

My point is that despite what the Fake Stream Media may want you to think, gun owners are in general among the most polite people out there.

As Robert Heinlein wrote ”

An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”
No matter how long the lines, or how crowded the exhibit hall, I’m confident that no one will be anything other than polite.
Unlike the opposition.
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