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Unlike Google or almost all of the Fake Stream Media, I can’t let this day go by without comment.

Operation Overlord was the second largest amphibious landing in history. More troops landed at Okinawa, but the impact of the Normandy landings was arguably more widespread. Both had significant impact on the outcomes of their parts of the war.

Today, however is about Normandy and the liberation of France and the eventual defeat of Germany.

There are plenty of books and movies about the landings and the battle to secure the beachhead. Or maybe “landings” since there were five beaches, airborne, and Army Ranger landings as well.

The story is well told in the move “The Longest Day”, a movie of the type that Hollywood used to make. Almost without exception, every movie star that there was wanted to be in on this movie. Richard Burton and Roddy McDowell flew in from Rome where they were¬† filming “Cleopatra” to do play their roles. For free.

Eddie Albert, of “Green Acres” fame, served in the US Navy during World War II. He landed in a real battle, at Tarawa in 1943. He was awarded a Silver Star for his actions in that battle.

The movie was based on the book of the same name, by Cornelius Ryan. Who also wrote “A Bridge Too Far” which was also turned into a book. Both books and both movies are worth your attention.

I’ll forgo the boring numbers, but the operation was huge in terms of equipment, cost, and most importantly, lives. It was also necessary as the Germans had to be defeated and Europe liberated.

I’ll close with a short clip from the movie portraying the landing on Omaha beach.

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  1. Truly the greatest generation. To charge knowingly into that hell takes courage few have. Thankfully, they prevailed.

    • They knew what was at stake. They likely weren’t all that thrilled at the prospect, but they did what they had to. It was the quickest way to get back to live their lives.

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