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A friend who is also a blog follower sent me an interesting Youtube link yesterday.

The video series on Youtube will, over the next six years, cover World War II in real time. Weekly installments will cover significant events during the course of the war. “WW 2 in Real Time” looks to be an interesting and informative series.

Americans are America centric, just as British are British centric, Germans are German centric, and so on.

For America, the invasion of Poland by Germany on September 1, 1939 was mildly interesting. As it was 3,000 or so miles away meant that most Americans didn’t really care what happened over there. Most people probably paid even less attention on September 17, 1939 when the Soviet Army invaded Poland from the east.

Great Britain and France took the threat far more seriously. Both nations declared war on Germany on September 7, 1939. Not that it was of any help to Poland which was conquered by both the USSR and Germany in short order.

September 1 marks the official start of WW II, but the warning signs were there well before that. Fascist Italy invaded Ethiopia in 1935 could be considered the first phase of the war, although it had little impact outside of Africa.

Japan started it’s part of the war in July of 1937 in China. In December of 1937, Japanese aircraft sank the USS Panay on the Yangtze River. The Japanese claimed mistaken identity by it’s pilots and paid compensation.

So, there is room for debate over exactly when WW II started.

Back to the video link. I’m looking forward to this six year project and encourage everyone to follow it’s course. This should be interesting.


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