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Some random thoughts because I haven’t had time to post much of late. A combination of travel, work, and laziness when I’m not traveling or working.

Random thoughts, in no particular order.

November 10 was the 243rd birthday of the United States Marine Corps. Here’s hoping for many, many more.

By the way, the US Navy was born on October 13, 1775, a little less than a month before the US Marines. No coincidence, that.

November 11, was Veterans Day. It was also the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. The “War to End All Wars” as it was called. As if.

Thank you to veterans past and present. That includes my late father, all of my uncles, and several parents of friends, including a couple of older women who enlisted in World War 2 and later wars.

Our county is only what it is, and still here, because of their dedication, hard work, and sacrifice.

I’m off to Texas for the Texas EMS Conference. If you’re in EMS and can afford to travel, it’s a very good show. It’s almost as large as the two “national” EMS shows and for my money much better. Even though most of the attendees and some of the speakers are from Texas, there are people from all over there as well.

Plus, it’s a time of year when I get to reconnect with people I don’t see nearly enough.

I won’t get to be there all that long this year as I have to be back in the frigid northeast to help Mrs. EMS Artifact set up for Thanksgiving. We’re hosting for the first time in several years. We’ll have some close friends and relatives over for the day. That includes my 99 year old Mother in Law who can’t travel to see her other daughter for the holidays.

It also includes my daughter, who lives in Texas and who we don’t get to see often enough.

Speaking of EMS. It seems to be continuing along apace without my active participation as a field provider. Which is what we should expect when we retire. The number of people that I worked with who are still there dwindles by the day. Now, about six years after my retirement, fully half of the people there wouldn’t know me if they saw me. And Vice Versa. I still see some of my old co workers from time to time. A couple even thank me for teaching them a thing or two about EMS in the real world.

Ironically, I see more of them at client agencies from time to time. People who moved on to other jobs and brought their EMS skills with them.

I like to flatter myself that by doing teaching and consulting, I’m still contributing to the advancement of EMS.

EMS still has pretensions of being a profession, but it’s more likely to be a trade. It’s most likely to be a skill set, especially at the BLS level. Think about how many people are EMTs as part of, but not a primary part of, their job. A smaller number, but probably larger percentage of paramedics fall into the same category.

There are Fire Fighter/Paramedics, whose jobs consist of 80% EMS and 20% fire suppression and HazMat mitigation. Yet, I’ve never met one who calls him or her self a “Paramedic/Fire Fighter.”

The same goes for the much smaller number of police officers who are also paramedics.

If you look at organizations that purport to represent EMS providers, many of them operate on the premise that EMS providers are also something else. I’ve seen organizations that have a Star of Life and a Maltese Cross blended together in some fashion.

Because there aren’t any organizations that represent fire fighters, right?

So, the Democrats took back the House. Good luck to them, as they appear to be as organized as a dumpster fire. I have complete faith in them to screw up and lose control of the House in 2020.

Speaking of dumpster fires, what the hell is going on in Florida? They can’t seem to get voting right no matter what they do. Maybe it’s time to seriously reconsider how voting is administered and votes are counted. The state is a national laughing stock. Maybe it’s an international laughing stock. Far less developed countries seem to be able to manage their elections with less drama.

Okay, I’ve vented my spleen enough for one day. I expect I’ll find some good blog material at the conference. In the mean time, visit some of the fine bloggers on my blog roll.

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