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Yesterday I was sent a cartoon which I found hilarious. I’ll include it below and if you’ve been in EMS for any length of time, you’ll understand it. Actually, if you’ve been in any sort of occupation where you have to write lots and lots of reports, you’ll get it.

I visited the website, which is more than a blog, but includes a blog as part of it. The cartoons are funny, but funny because they are true.

I don’t know who the aurhor or authors are, but I can tell you that they are NOT new to EMS. Or drawing either for that matter. The cartoons are very well done. Would that I had any talent in that direction.

Since much of what I do these days is help newer EMS providers write coherent reports, this struck me as hilarious

I could do an entire post on the mistakes I see in documentation as well as the more serious mistakes I see in actual treatment. That aside, this cartoon sums up what I often have to do.

Frequently, I’ll caution against the use of the term “frequent flier” and suggest that those patients be thought of as “Value Repeat Customers”, but which in the report should be referred to as having “frequent contact with EMS.” It just sounds so much better.

If you’re in EMS, you should visit EMScapades.com and take a look. If you aren’t in EMS, you should visit as well, but keep in mind that dark humor is like food in Venezuela, not everyone gets it.

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