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Democrats have been saying for quite some time now that “No one is going to take your guns.”

Those are the same Democrats who assured us that if we liked our doctor, we could keep our doctor. Or that if we liked our insurance plan, we’d be able to stay on it.

All three were lies, but we only found out about the last two after the Affordable Care Act was passed and people who liked their doctor and had perfectly good health insurance lost both and paid a lot more for what they did get.

During the debate of Thursday last, one candidate told the truth. I’m not sure if he meant to or got caught up in the moments, but he uttered what many gun owners have long suspected.

Robert Francis O’Rourked, who goes by the Hispanic sounding “Beto” to fool people said the following,

“Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR15s and AK47s.”

You can find video of that on the Internet if you are so interested. I’m not because I’ve seen it a few times already.

Oh, he’s selling T shirts too, presumably to fund his so far failing campaign.

There are gun owners that don’t own either an AR or AK pattern rifle. They own other guns, but not those models. Some of them own other semi automatic rifles of various designs. Some own a shotgun and a rifle for hunting or target shooting. Others are “handgun guys” and use their guns mainly for competition.

Still others have a variety of guns and even own a hand gun for personal defense.

Many of those none AR owners are no doubt thinking, “I agree, those are dumb guns that no one can use for anything but wasting a lot of ammunition blasting away at targets. It’s no big deal because if we let them take the ARs and AKs, they’ll be satisfied and leave the rest of us alone.”

Those people are wrong. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, “This is not the end, nor is it the beginning of the end. It is only the end of the beginning.”

At no time, at no place, in history has prohibition worked. Prohibition of alcohol in the United States didn’t stop the production, sale, ,and possession of alcohol. It served only to turn otherwise law abiding citizens into criminals. It also served to fund a few relatively small organized crime gangs into well funded, well organized, international crime syndicates.

What will happen in the U.S. if people like Robert Francis O’Rourke succeed is that they will fail to stop the crimes that they assure us will cease to occur if only they can take AR and AK pattern rifles away.

What will be next? My guess is other semi automatic rifles, especially those with detachable magazines. There are a lot of them, including war relics, reproductions of war relics, and semi automatic rifles that use different mechanicals  to work.

After that, semi automatic pistols. All of them, not the purposely misnamed “high capacity magazine” guns.

Then the hunting and target bolt action rifles that have telescopic sights. They will be, hell already are, being renamed “Sniper style rifles.” Soon, the “style” will be dropped from the name and they will be “Sniper Rifles.” Which no one will need because they are “designed only to kill people.”

None of which will stop crime. The implement is not the weapon, the mind of the murderer is the weapon.



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