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For the record, I have been a member for over twenty years and a Life Member for several years now. I’ve attended about half a dozen Annual Meetings and Exhibitions.

In other words, I’ve been a supporter for a while now. I even voted in the Board of Directors elections, even though it’s a rotten process.

Lately, I’ve been lately enthused about the actions of the Board of Directors and other management of the NRA. They seem to have lost their way as the premier defender of the Second Amendment. I have a sinking feeling that more money goes to things other than activities that defend our freedom.

Since their financial dealings are rather opaque, it’s a feeling not a conviction.

Gone Owners of American and Firearms Policy Coalition seem to be winning more cases in court than the NRA. While the NRA often files amicus briefs, they don’t seem to be the primary plaintiff in many cases recently.

Then there is the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings.

I won’t go into whether Wayne LaPierre should continue to be the face of the NRA or not. That’s up to the Board of Directors to decide.

The problem is that the Board of Directors seems to be disinclined to tackle the subject. That may be because the BOD is appointed by a nominating committee. From my experience with other non profit organizations, the nominating committee seems to work in the dark. What process they go through to select their “slate” of candidates can be daunting to discover.

They all seem to have a somewhat incestuous air to them, but that could just be me.

All of which brings me to the point of this post. With one exception, and because I know the good work he does at the local level, I am disinclined to vote for any of the current members the NRA Board of Directors. Oh, that member of the BOD is also completing his first term, so he’s probably still at least quasi independent.

In case you are a voting member of the NRA and reading this post, you’ll be doing all of us a favor to vote for Jim Wallace.

The other person I urge you to vote for is Gary F. LeGros, Jr. Jeanerette, Iberia Parish, Louisiana. Attorney LeGros is a shooter, hunter, and fisherman with solid Pro 2A credentials. I have confidence in his ability to ask questions that will make some people at NRA Headquarters rather uncomfortable.

Attorney LeGros is a write in candidate, so please write his name in.

Which is what the NRA needs right about now.

Balloting is open until August 15, so please don’t forget.


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